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Here are some of the products that are popular in toady's market. If you use a product that you are happy (or unhappy) with, please fill out the product form and I will add it to the list.

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Manufacturer's write up

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

Algae Fix


Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Algae Fix
A revolutionary new product for controlling many types of algae in freshwater aquariums containing live plants and fish.
  • Controls "green water" algae blooms
  • Helps resolve algae problems
  • Keeps freshwater aquariums clean and clear
  • Can be used in aquariums containing live plants and fish



Why switch to AlgaeFix?

AlgaeFix is a liquid algae-control product for use in aquariums containing live plants and fish.  AlgaeFix controls many types of algae including "green water" blooms and filamentous algae that cover the glass, ornaments, plants, and gravel.  AlgaeFix is registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for use in aquariums containing live aquatic plants and fish.

Probably the biggest problem facing any aquarium owner is keeping the aquarium clean and free of unwanted algae.  String algae (Cladophora), Beard algae (Audouinella), Blue-Green algae (Aphanizomenon), and especially suspended green water algae (Chlorella) are common forms that take away the beauty of a balanced aquarium, make maintenance a chore, and can even result in water quality problems and unhealthy conditions for fish.  Many algae products claim to reduce or eliminate algae...but most of them are harmful to plants and do not help maintain a cleaner aquarium.   Only AlgaeFix is EPA registered as an effective algaecide for use in aquariums containing live plants and fish.  And unlike some algaecides, AlgaeFix will help reduce aquarium maintenance by keeping aquarium glass, ornaments, gravel, and even live plants clean and free of algae growth when used as directed.    

87B 1.25 fluid oz. dropper bottle

370 US gallons or 1,400 L

87C 4 fluid oz. bottle 1,200 US gallons or 4,542 L
87D 8 fluid oz. bottle 2,400 US gallons or 9,084 L
87F 64 fluid oz bottle 19,200 US gallons or 72,960 L


Your comments:

From: Christopher
I used this product, I have a Healthy 90 gallon aquarium with a slight hair algae problem. I used .5ml of product to 10 gallons of water mix ratio. I put 6ml of product in tank. Within two hours ALL my fish were dead along with the algae. Called API, The man on other end of the line was a Smart A** and didn't offer any aid or solutions or offer to refund product. All I can say, if you see it on the shelf, LEAVE IT THERE! Warning Product IS Harmful to FISH! If you do use it, Remove your fish first put them in a isolation tank, Treat you tank, Wait a week. Doe several Water changes after your algae problem is gone and test tank with one fish to see if it is safe to repopulate! My self API is off my list of Aquarium products!
From: Sandy Richardson
I have used this product in the past with okay results. However, this year has been more of a challenge and my pond continues to look like a lake of pea soup. Have tried draining the pond twice after half of my fish just up and died from two separate doses of algae fix. I went from having 23 very healthy beautiful large gold fish which I meticulously brought to Nevada from California 11 years ago to just 9 fish surviving. The only product I used was Algae Fix so its the only product I can blame for the deaths of my fish. I will never use this product again. I spent years raising these fish only to have the majority of them die due to the use of this product. Never again....
From: Donna Noonkester
My tank was so covered in green algae you couldn't see the fish. This worked in about 4 doses-never harmed the fish. Thrilled.
From: Melissa
Having only minimal issues with algae a friend recommended this product before the algae did become out of control. I measured it out and treated the tank shortly thereafter my fish became sickly and finally passed. I was suspicious of the algae treatment being responsible as there were absolutely no other changes made to the tank. We started over with fresh, store bought spring water and new guppies. (I have been trying to breed them to feed my Oscar. I know, I know, some of you don't approve but it's the cycle of life if they were in the wild there would be no arguments about it.) Again, a few algae spots began appearing. Hesitantly, I tried the algae this specific brand of algae treatment again and sure enough within days the pregnant guppies began to act sickly and within hours of showing signs of being ill all have died. I just wanted to let others know to beware of using this product. I'm not rich and one of the reasons I have tried to breed guppies to help save money on the Oscar's grub. Between both batches of guppies this will be about $40 worth of lost fish. Will not use this product again.
From: Bettaboy
I looked at the material safety data sheet and am not sure (background in biochemistry, arts chemistry)... says harmful to aquatic life (of course one has to use correct dose) I will look for safer means (mostly never have algae anyway until increase of chemicals in NYC midtown water and I hadn't used chemi pure so on for a while in my "maturing tub" (pre filtered so on).
Here is the companies link so others can see MSDS.
From: Ed
I've been using Algaefix in my 5000 gal pond for almost 6 yrs now and have not had any green water or any of the filamentous ( hair) algae since I started using it. My 7000gph pump runs 24/7 and twice a month, March through November, I pour 2 cups of Algaefix slowly into the skimmer. My koi and longfin Serrassa breed so frequently that I could easily be walking on fish. It's a great product. For those of you who lost fish, I would bet that it was not the algaefix but a lack of oxygen caused by not enough aeration.
From: rwt
I added Algaefix to our outdoor pond yesterday using 1/3 the dosage recommended and within 4 hours all of the goldfish were dead. I specifically bought this product because the label said "will not harm goldfish".
From: Trevor St. James
I was VERY hesitant to use this product because it states it can cause cancer in humans. If it can do that what will it do to your fish? However,.....I decided to try it and it did not affect the fish or live plants and it did clear all the algae in record time!! My water is very clear. I used it with tropical fish so I have no idea how it would work with fancy goldfish.
From: jstn
This product works well to clear green water (algae bloom). It didn't harm either fish or plants, though I dosed at 2/3 the recommended usage. I wouldn't use it systemically but to clear the water and then work on getting the tank's nutrient balance right so the problem doesn't reoccur it seems to function well.
From: Helen
I'll keep it short and sweet. Had same experience as everyone else. Tried and tried to get rid of algae bloom (cover tank, no lights, water changes, etc.) with no results. This stuff is miraculous! Within 3 hours, my 15 gallon tank of pea soup became crystal clear. I would only use it sparingly so as to avoid chemicals.
Highly recommended!
From: Nancy
First 2 years I had a 30 gallon aquarium I had no problems with water clarity. I don't remember having to change water 1-2 times a week. But this last year I've been dealing with 'green water'. Long long long long (lots of trials and no successes) story short, I used Algaefix in my green tank last night after I changed 1/2 tank water and covered up the tank for the night (yes with a dark sheet). This morning when I uncovered the tank I really said "WOW!!!" out loud. I was shocked! When I showed my daughter she said WOW too. The water is crystal clear! Buy it for green water in aquariums that won't go away!

From: Christi
I’d stuck some rinsed off limestone in my 65 gallon fresh water tank and apparently stirred the tank up. The water turned a kind of murky white instantly so I thought it was from re-landscaping the tank. I let it stay that way for about a week, thinking it would eventually settle. Well the whitish water turned greenish and got murkier. It was then I realized I had an algae bloom. According to several different sources, it was just a coincidence that it happened when I put in the limestone. The limestone was not the cause. It may be because my tank had only been set up for 4 or 5 weeks and in the process of becoming biologically balanced, it hit a little road bump. For slightly more than a week I did 20% water changes daily, including vacuuming the gravel. I also cut out the aquarium lamp completely, closed the blinds in the room, and used the overhead light in the room sparingly. I’d read about covering the tank with a thick dark blanket for 36 hours, so on the 2nd day or so of the 2nd week I gave that a whirl, but to no avail. I continued with the 20% water changes and no lighting. Around day 8 or 9 (into the 3rd week), I could see things getting a little better but by no means was it all better. I added some “Algae Fix” drops, went to bed, and when I woke up, viola! It was clear. I ’d read on every account that any of the chemical drops only work if the algae is already dead. Then the drops clump it together and it gets filtered out. That may have been the case since it was without light for a week or so but I don’t know for certain. I even read controlled case studies that “Algae Fix” didn’t work on suspended algae, but I got talked into buying it at my LFS (I was willing to try anything at that point). Glad I did!
From: Carlos
Well this product works great! I also had that problem with the water. It was all green with algae and after putting this stuff in the tank it cleared up in a matter of hours It was amazing. Also when the water starts getting a little cloudy I use it too and it makes the water crystal clear once again. Great product!
From: Pat
Wonderful product! I had a terrible algae bloom--couldn't see my fish through the green. Cleaned the tank, filter, did water changes, all to no avail! I felt frustrated and depressed, and couldn't bear looking at my tank. Algae fix was recommended by my favorite fish store. I had doubts that this product would work. I also was afraid of harming my fish and snails. To my relief, no one was harmed!!! The green mess cleared up within hours, and the water was beautiful. I now use this product as part of my maintenance!
From: Sheila Willard
my tank was so cloudy that I could not even see the fish. I tried every water clarifier that was made. Nothing worked. I asked at all the pet stores and what they told me did not work either. I seen this one day while shopping and thought I would try it. Well after a few hours it cleared right up. It's a miracle. I just could not believe it .It's great!!! thank-you
From: Christa H.
MY tank is usually pretty clear and clean, but I once experienced this problem with the water. No matter how much I cleaned it, changed the carbon, sponge, or did a water change, this green, cloudy water would still be there. It was almost impossible to see the fish, and it was always neon green. I went to the pet store and they told me it was algae in the water, not on any objects in the aquarium. They told me to purchase AlgaeFix, and it was about $3.00. I removed the carbon, put the drops of AlgaeFix in, and turned the light off. I thought it would take days to work, and later that night I turned the light on and it was crystal clear. My aquarium has never been cleaner! It was almost glowing it was so clear, I could not believe it! IT WAS SO CLEAR! OK, enough about that! I also use AlgaeFix whenever the water becomes somewhat cloudy and a regular cleaning or water change does not work, I put in some AlgaeFix and it clears the tank right up in a few hours. This is absolutely amazing (I think). I have tried many things to make my tank clear, and this has worked the best.





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