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Aquaclear filters

The AquaClear Power Filters provides mechanical, chemical and biological filtration through their multi-stage filtration system. The filter filtration volume is up to 7 times larger than comparable Filters. Their unique design filters aquarium water through a natural and silent waterfall. The patented flow control feature allows for customized filter performance. The filter preserves beneficial bacterial creating a stress free environment for aquarium inhabitants and maintains clear aquarium water. Installation and maintenance are quick, easy and convenience. The filter comes equipped with AquaClear Foam, Activated Carbon and BioMax. In addition, AquaClear delivers an entire line of media including Zeo-Carb and Ammonia Remover exclusively designed for the AquaClear Power Filter.




AquaClear Powerfilters
Item No. Description
CD-120114 20 (100)
CD-350009 30 (150)
CD-120207 50 (200)
CD-120259 70 (300)
CD-120311 110 (500)


Your comments:

From: GBose
I've had my Aquaclear for 9 months and am happy with it. Very quiet and reliable. I like the 3-level filtration, which allows some customization. I removed the carbon bag, which I understand is not useful, and added a second biomax bag. It works well!
From: Moonbunny
What a workhorse! Especially if you buy the filter a bit larger than you think you'll need and run it on its "-" setting, which twice-filters the water prior to releasing it back into your tank. Essentially, it's an extremely affordable, extremely easy to use, hang-on-the-back of your tank design that works like a canister filter! Ooh-la-la! : )

I used to be a sworn fan of Marineland Penguin filters until it died and had to bought a new one. Their reworked design has a mucky feature--when I had to plug or unplug it to do a water change, it wouldn't just siphon filter water back into the tank, it would purge all the muck of the filter back into the tank---essentialy, it looked like something had thrown up in my fish tank...after I'd cleaned it! Add to that that the newer Penguins always had took about 3 min. to prime, and, well, AquaClear started to look better and better : )

With AquaClear: Buying a bigger size than you think you'll need seems to be the secret to AquaClear success. I've had an AquaClear 30 for years (on a 10 gal.,) but it never really impressed me. *But* A few months ago I got cheeky and bought an AquaClear 70 (for filtering 40-70 gal.) for my 20L (which only holds 15 gal.) That tank is home to 2 BN Plecos + an oto, so it can be very mulmy, earthy and full of chewed up driftwood. Incredible results! It cycled in less than 2 weeks, never has a fishy smell, it's absolutely silent, very easy to clean and has *such* a gentle uptake & out-flow that my tiny oto doesn't mind it at all (I keep it on the gentle "-" setting.) In fact, I like it so much I that I just bought a second AquaClear 70 for my other 20L. And the price can't be beat: Petsmart was selling it off the shelf for $46.99, but with their on-line price-match program, it came up to $27.99, or just about $32 with tax!)

Hope this helps! : )

From: Bill
This is a great filter. I like the see through design, inexpensive filter media and the filters itself. I've only been using this product for about 2 months now I also like the flow control. If it is on low it filters the water twice before going out and on high it really puts out a nice flow the fish seem to like. The foam part of the filter is nice and collects alot of dirt and only needs replaced once a month. The carbon pack is nice an thick and sets on top the foam. Then you have the bio-max filter or you can use the ammonia remover insert. Before I bought this filtration system I was looking at MarineLands Emperor 400 and decided against it because of how expensive it is and some parts are hard to come by. Also didn't get as good reviews as the aquaclear did. Definitely worth the money.





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