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water changer


AQUARIUM PRODUCTS incredible Automatic Aquarium Water Changer promotes fish growth, maintains optimal water quality which prolongs the life of your minimizing the outbreak of disease. It is now equipped with the new IN-LINE water filter to eliminate fine particles from your water supply that could clog the operation of the unit. It's the greatest invention since the siliconed glass aquarium, and it's very economical. See your dealer today or write to Aquarium Products. The Automatic Aquarium Water Changer is ready for use without any additional plumbing involved
Conveniently Connects to any Hose Thread Faucet.
Uses No Electricity.
Has no Moving Parts.
Works in all Size Tanks.
Promotes Fish Breeding.
Stimulates Plant Growth...and keeps the water in your aquarium Clean - assuring Healthful Biological Levels.
Automatically Dissipates Chlorine.

This product appears to be no longer available, If you know a source please let me know.





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From: David Knapp
Date: 08/15/01

I used this product for over 15 years. Every 4 days I run it for a period of 4 hours. Water is moved from my tanks automatically and it has elminated my need for hoses and water buckets. I recommend it for all sizes of tanks. It is economical and can be plummed throught the floor or wall to the exterior for ease of connection and water discharge product name





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