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- 4 oz. (118 ml)
- Biological water clarifier clears cloudiness caused by bacterial blooms due to:
- Excess organic matter
- New tank syndrome
- B-Clear is an enzymatic solution
- It clears the milky clouds associated with bacterial blooms by accelerating the transformation of organic materials into their most basic inorganic components
- This process clears water in 24-48 hours




Your comments:

From: Steve
Date: 02/04/2005

This product worked when other things didn't. I had a persistent bacteria bloom in a 30 gallon tank that would just never stabilize. I tried the flocculating agents recommended by various people and advertising claims to no avail. I tried cartridge filters with D.E. that I was assured would work and didn't. It was Hagen B-Clear in conjunction with this filter that had the tank crystal clear within 20 minutes of dispensing it. A slight cloudiness developed by the next day but an additional B-Clear treatment cleared that up within a week without the additional filter and it is clearing more by the day. In a larger tank it is clearing the tank over a weeks time but caused an ammonia spike when first added. I take part responsibility for this, as the dosing was not as accurate as it should have been. Try this stuff for white clouds, it works, but heed the manufactures warning and directions and measure more accurately than "by the capful"





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