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From the beginning, our goal was to create the highest quality fish food available. We believe we succeeded spectacularly. To accomplish this, we enlisted the aid of Dr. Robert Stickney, an internationally renowned aquaculture scientist, author of more than 200 scientific articles and numerous books on fish nutrition, and past president of the World Aquaculture Society. Together we have created our premium quality formulations that are made with only the highest quality ingredients. For example, we use only 'human grade' spirulina in our formulas, and we do not use any fillers. Our formulas were developed for the highest nutritional value, maximum digestibility, brilliant color enhancement, immunity, and overall health of tropical and pond fish. Maximum nutrient utilization also results in another benefit, less waste in the tank and a healthier environment for your fish.

Our proprietary manufacturing process creates a truly unique and superior flake as a result of a lower processing temperature and gelatinization of the starches. This process encapsulates the flake to protect the nutrients until the digestion process begins, thereby providing fish with all the nutrition possible from the food. It stabilizes nutrients longer, and essential water-soluble vitamins and nutrients don't leach into the water like they do with traditional flakes.

When our exceptional formulas are combined with our proprietary manufacturing process and quality ingredients, the end result is a truly superior fish food. Our unique premium Duraflakes® stabilize nutrients longer with less oxidation, retain flavor longer, and have a variable-sinking characteristic that more efficiently feeds all 3 levels of feeding fish.

Simply put, we believe our fish food is the best available anywhere. Compare our DuraFlakes® with the traditional micro-thin flake food. We're confident that once you have tried it with your fish, you and your fish will both agree.




Freshwater Tropical Duraflake Unlike marine fish, freshwater species obtain most of the nutrients they need to survive and grow from their food. Our freshwater formulations provide all of the vitamins and minerals known to be required by freshwater fish. Like all of our formulations, it provides ideal PFV (physiological fuel value) and enhances color and immunity.

Freshwater HiPro Duraflake HiPro should be fed to young fish and breeding fish to give them the additional protein they need. Once your fish have reached the juvenile stage they should be converted to Freshwater Tropical Duraflakes.

Ultra Gold Duraflake The ultimate diet for all varieties of goldfish, including Lionhead, Orandas, Moors and Ryukans. Ultra Gold Duraflake will provide all of their nutritional needs and maintain their bright colors. For baby fish, mix in 50% Freshwater HiPro.

Spirulina Duraflake is an excellent supplement mix for freshwater and marine fish. It will improve the intestinal flora of your fish thereby making them more resistant to bacterial infection. It has natural pigments (Carotenoids, Chlorophyll and Phuycocyanin) to make sure that all the colors of your fish stay bright and vibrant. Spirulina also stimulates production of enzymes that transport fats within the body. This allows your fish to convert fat into PFV (physiological fuel value) or growth rather than flab. The appearance of both fins and skin will often improve with the introduction of Spirulina Duraflakes, and it often enhances successful breeding.

Marine HiPro Duraflake This formula is recommended for young rapidly growing marine fish and carnivores. For omnivorous fish, a combination of 50% Marine HiPro Duraflake and 50% Spirulina Duraflake is recommended. Because marine fish live in an environment high in minerals, a mineral supplement is not added to these feeds. Leaving out the minerals can actually reduce stress on your fish. as they would otherwise have to excrete the unneeded minerals.

Veggie Duraflake is fomulated from a variety of nutritious plant ingredients including marine algae and spirulina. It is an excellent diet for feeding marine and freshwater fish, especially herbivorous fish that require a high proportion of plant materials in their diet.

PELLET (floating)
Koi/Goldfish (small & medium) is ideal for larger pond dwelling fish. Both sizes contain the optimum nutrients required by koi and goldfish to ensure that the fish will retain their health and their bright colors.

Spirulina (small) Add 50% Spirulina pellets to your koi or cichlid mix and you will improve the intestinal flora of your fish thereby making them more resistant to bacterial infection. Spirulina also stimulates production of enzymes that transport fats within the body. This allows your fish to convert fat into PFV (physiological fuel value) or growth rather than flab. The appearance of both fins and skin will often improve with the introduction of Spirulina pellets, and it often enhances successful breeding.

Cichlid (small & medium) Cichlids are among the most colorful freshwater fish maintained in the home aquarium or backyard pond. Both sizes of cichild pellet will meet all their nutritional needs and help bring out those brilliant colors. To enhance the green, and especially the blue colors, add spriulina pellets to your mix.

Shrimp & Plankton Mini-stick (sinking) This product features an array of highly nutritious ingredients for better digestibility. It is especially recommended for bottom feeding fish including catfish, loaches and plecostomus. It is also excellent for feeding cichilids, oscars and other aquarium fish. A recommended blend for community aquariums is 50% Shrimp & Plankton Sticks with 50% AquaDine Spirulina pellets. 


DuraDisk Sinking Wafers are made by a process similar to the one we use to manufacture our superior line of DuraFlake freshwater and marine foods, however, they are specifically formulated for feeding bottom and algae eating freshwater and marine fish. They are excellent for feeding Corydoras and other catfish, Plecostomus, loaches, and they are well accepted by various herbivorous Cichlids. DuraDisks have unparalleled benefits over comparative products: higher protein to carbohydrate ratio, higher levels of preferred fatty acids (HUFA), added natural color enhancers, and two types of algae.

Our Healthy Pond floating pond sticks are formulated for the daily feeding of pondfish. Healthy Pond has high digestibility, excellent floating characteristics, and superior nutrient retention. It is the preferred all-season food for feeding Koi and Goldfish. Healthy Pond floating pond sticks are scientifically formulated with the proper protein-to-carbohydrate ratio. The formula does not use excessive amounts of highly refined starch ingredients. Instead it incorporates natural cereal grains, high protein fish and shrimp ingredients and wheat germ. This superior formula also includes stabilized vitamin C, several color enhancers including canthaxanthin and beta-carotene, and it is supplemented with a multivitamin and mineral supplement mix. Healthy Pond is packaged in convenient 1 lb., 2.4 lb. and 5 lb. refillable and recyclable plastic buckets. Refills are individually packaged in plastic bulk bags. This product is also available in 35 lb. bags.


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From: Fishead Mark
Date: 5/30/01
You may or may not have heard heard of this company but I thought I would pass you the link to check out; I've raised all my fish on this food (I keep cichlids). It sinks pretty fast but is a much more substantial flake than the garden variety stuff you see in most stores. Just thought I would pass it along.





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