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For Healthier Fish, Thriving Plants, Superior Water Quality.

Perfect for Freshwater or Marine Aquariums

Compact and complete, the Eclipse top mounted system puts lighting, filtration and maintenance at your fingertips... combining simple, elegant styling with superior performance and efficiency. And Eclipse has the Marineland BIO-Wheel... undisputed leader in biological filtration.

A unique combination of beauty, precision and functionality, Eclipse requires virtually no assembly and installs in seconds. Custom light housing and filtration access panel operate independently for maximum convenience.



Total Filtration, BIO-Wheel Efficiency

Open the convenient hinged panel to access a 3-stage system of total filtration efficiency. All water is initially filtered - mechanically and chemically - through the heavy duty, high performance Eclipse Filter Cartridge constructed of dirt-trapping polyfiber and packed with Magnum Premium Activated Carbon. Prefiltered water is then directed to the BIO-Wheel... Marineland's patented classic wet/dry biological filter. The result: crystal clean, sparkling clear water... a healthier environment for your plants and fish.

The Eclipse Filter Cartridge provides superior, high capacity mechanical and chemical filtration... screening out dirt as it removes discoloration, odor-causing waste and harmful contaminants. It contains Magnum(R) Premium Activated Carbon - the highest grade there is.

The Marineland BIO-Wheel delivers classic wet/dry biological filtration(TM)... and does it better. It's serious filtration for the aquarist who demands the best... a revolutionary advancement in wet/dry biological filtration. Because the BIO-Wheel contacts the water and air as it turns, beneficial bacteria are exposed to as much as 30,000 times more oxygen that with all types of submerged filters. More bacteria, exposed to more oxygen, work many times harder to eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite. That means excellent water quality... and a healthier environment for plants and fish.

Full Spectrum, Easy-Access Lighting

Enclosed in a clear, water-protected housing, the specially selected fluorescent daylight bulb is ideal for plant growth and ornamental fish color enhancement. Hinged for easy access, it lifts effortlessly for feeding, water changes and general maintenance. The 4000k daylight bulb shines brighter and lasts longer - ensuring vibrant fish colors and healthy plant growth.

Unique Top-Of-Tank Design, Superior System Performance

In the Eclipse 3-stage filtration system, water is pumped from the aquarium through the filter cartridge and then to the patented BIO-Wheel... ensuring 100% water-to-media contact, without bypass.

Easy to install, easy to operate, the Eclipse System provides unlimited, unhindered access to the entire aquarium. Hinged light housing and filtration access panel open and close independently for maximum convenience... nothing to remove! The Eclipse easily accommodates accessories such as heaters and airline tubing and because all filtration media is inside the top mounted unit, the Eclipse has minimal rear space requirements for against-the-wall placement.


  •  Hinged Light Housing opens effortlessly for easy feeding and maintenance and comes complete with convenient On/Off switch.
  •  Hinged Filtration Access Panel allows for quick, simple media changes.
  •  Custom Filter Cartridge and BIO-Wheel make setup, operation and maintenance easy. High capacity Eclipse Filter Cartridge comes preassembled and changes in seconds. The BIO-Wheel never needs replacing.
  •  Self Priming Pump restarts system automatically, even if power is interrupted.
  • Removable Pump Module lifts out easily for cleaning and reinstalls in seconds.


  • Fits any 10"X20" aquarium frame (10 gallon or 15 "high")

  • Certified Flow Rate: 150 gph

  • 18" fluorescent lamp included

  • Fits any 12"x24" aquarium frame (15, 25 gallon or 20 "high")

  • Certified Flow Rate: 200 gph

  • 18" fluorescent lamps (2) included

  • Fits any 12"X30" aquarium frame (29, 37 gallon or 20 "long")

  • Certified Flow Rage: 250 gph

  • 24" fluorescent lamps (2) included


Your comments:

From: Corrine
Product:Eclipse 2 Hood combo
Wow, I just logged on to this and saw some old comments. It's now 2012 and I'm having the same problems. I've had my Eclipse 2 aquarium for about 8 years now. It worked flawlessly for years, it's now leaking a LOT of water in the back. I've come home 4 times now to find a puddle of water on my floors. I've cleaned everything, I rinse the pads every week, I can't figure out why it's still leaking but it's not worth risking ruining 60 year old beautiful solid oak floors. I remember when I first got the Hood I was a little worried about that water level in the filter chamber being so high! It started to leak slightly once in a while, I'd wipe it down. Now it's leaking alot. I was lucky I noticed it as soon as I got home. It would have ruined my floors if it sat there another few hours. Why couldn't they have designed the filter chamber so it sits lower. Then, the water could leak back into the tank not outside. The system works great for the first few years. The parts are plastic and as plastic ages it does warp so you are going to have leaks etc, so the entire hood should be replaced anyway when you get to that time. But I also never liked the light fixture. I find it's in the way, it would have been better to put in the back, and put the flip lid in the very front to feed the fish. The plastic housing over the light fixture is a real pain to take off and on. Mine cracked years ago. I love the Biowheel though, so I'm going to replace my Eclipse 2 hood for an old fashioned glass fliptop lid, a HOB Emperor Bio Wheel filter, and a MarineLand Led light fixture to sit on top of the glass. Like I said, I love the BioWheel. I've never had water quality problems ever since I've used one, but the design of the Hood needs to be improved. Change the light fixture, and lower the filter department down an inch or so.
From: lisa
Product:Eclipse 3 Hood combo
I wanted to post and say that I have been having problems with my Eclipse Marineland hood leaking in the back as well. I'm surprised that people are saying "just clean out your filters and it will solve the problem". It does not solve the problem. I have had this hood for over 5 years now and have been having problems with the condensation leaking for a long time now. It has nothing to do with the filters plugging up - I change mine once a month and change half of my water once a week. It does keep my water crystal clean and I think it's a great setup - except for this condensation problem with renders me not ever being able to have a background on my tank or it will be soaked within a day. Also the fact that I have to worry about my stand and floor being damaged, or my cat licking up the water which has who knows how much bacteria in it which could make him sick... so please don't doubt us who are having this problem. Thanks.
From: Grikdog
Product:Eclipse 2 and Eclipse 3 Hood combo
I have had my Eclipse 3 system for several years and the Eclipse 2 for just under a year. I think this is a foolproof system and I love it. It has been reliable and easy to use. I have had to do minimal maintenance over the time I've had it - just change bulbs, monitor the biowheel to make sure its getting proper flow and change the filters. Maybe there are better systems out there for advanced hobbyists but for beginners I think these systems really rock. And I plan on buying one of the 48"biowheel combos soon. LOVE IT!
From: Dan S.
Product:Eclipse System 3 Hood
I really do not know what most of these people are talking about. This is the best set up I have ever used. I have the Eclipse 3 on my 37 gallon African tank. (2 bumblebee cichlids) I have no problems with leaks, condensation, or anything above. If you are having trouble with this, lower your water level, as I believe you all have it overfilled. The filtration is top notch on this system. The only reason why it wouldn't be good, is if your filter media is clogged. In that case rinse it in tank water or buy another one. Learn how to use the system before you try to knock it.
From: Ubimea
Product:Eclipse System 3 Hood
Excellent product; after over two years of service, tank is always clean and fish are happy; not a single instance or complaint or issue of condensation; in fact, seems to me that the only way you could have such an issue with the System 3 is to overfill the tank. As for expensive filter media, replacement cartridges are widely at under $2.00 from Petco mail order to Drs. Foster&Smith when bought in 3 packs. If that is too much, you may need a different hobby! Sorry folks, but I have a hard time believing the complaints that have been posted about this excellent system. Perhaps there is a difference with the larger System 3 compared to the 1 and 2?
From: Brandon
Product:Eclipse Filter Systems
I've had a 10 and a 30 gallon eclipse system for about 5 years and they are great except for the design flaw that causes condensation to drip down the side of the tank. I called Marineland and the lady said I could try "weather-stripping or something" around the top. What a joke. I clean my tank way before the filter gets plugged and leaks over the side so that theory is a bunch of bullcrap. It is splashing and condensation going up and over the path provided by the over the tank style of these hoods. These systems are very easy to use and take care of and I've been "making" the filters for years using the plastic from an old filter and just cutting filter media to fit so it ends up being cheap too. To sum up
1. good looking, easy to use.
2. condensation problem sucks.
From: Timothy
Product:Eclipse Filter System 1
I have had this aquarium from 3 months, I was delighted with the product at first but three months later the light assembly began to fail. Filter still works although no light, and yes I changed the bulb the assembly is bad.
From: H. Dooley
Product:Eclipse Hoods
I have 3 of these tanks, a 5 gallon (not really an Eclipse, a copy cat), a 10 gallon, and a 37 gallon (both Eclipse brand) and I have had them for 5 years or more.... they all leak, due to water collecting under the hood and running down the outside of the tank. The fact that most of us have seen this points to the problem not being filter related. I am a faithful filter purchaser (the genuine article) and changer, once a month at least in every tank.... it is a real design issue that Eclipse needs to resolve. I have been attributing it to condensation, but it may be from splashing when the water level gets low. I live in FL, and we have lots of heat and humidity, so the water level will drop quickly, and condensation, even on my home's windows, is very common.....Although I love the ease and effectiveness of these hoods - the leakage is something I must constantly manage, and it is getting old....WE NEED A FIX for this - preferable something that can be retrofitted on our existing hoods....
From: P. Pearson
I too thought it was a great system. I've had two of them over the last five years. Then I started to hear my stand creaking. On inspection, found water leaking over the filter, which ruined the stand. Then discovered under the stand was black mold right through to the flooring. Now have to replace the wall-to-wall carpeting on the whole floor, and buy a new stand. I discovered the smaller size filter doesn't overflow. The store personnel said they just slit open the filters. But how well do they then work? But now the condensation is flowing all over my new stand. Time to get rid of it.
From: Lukas
Product:Eclipse I
OK first off I love the system but I cannot for the life of me find any replacement parts for the thing. I use the eclipse system 1's for plants refugium algae tanks and have several cause there so versatile but you do have to do some adjusting in considering cost for the filtering systems.

. #1 filter alternative** First I've used bath sponges for filtering to do this you take the whole bath sponge apart they cost $1 at walmart for new 1. find the long piece and roll it over your wrist to form it then scrunch it up off your wrist and fold it with rubberbands to fit in the cartridge area, replacing the cartridge

. #2 filter alternative (by far the best & better then marineland filters). If your liking the cartridge system and want to make it work better and save money this is what you do. First save the old cartridge's that you are gonna throw away. Tear or remove the blue filter pad on top of the plastic cartridge, vary easy to do. Then empty the old carbon over the trash, tap it to remove everything. Then get some filter padding material @ any pet store they all carry them, its up to you to decide the quality of the material they all have several choices, I choose the material that is white and filters finer particles for a better water quality. Cut out that material to the exact size of the old filter cartridge, to do this lay out a piece of filter material then lay the old cartridge on top of the material then trace the outline and cut. After this is done get a pack of rubber bands @ wall mart for $1 for 100 pack & any choice grade carbon you wish to use, then fill the old cartridge with carbon ( I use 3 tablespoons full). Place the filter material you cut out over the carbon/cartridge and place a rubber band over the whole cartridge, put 1 at each end and the middle, make sure they hold the material snug to the cartridge. And whalla your done, you now have a brand new filter cartridge that works better then marineland filter cartridge's& now saving %80+ on filters. Enjoy..!

From: Mark J
I've had the Eclipse II on a 25 gallon tank for almost 5 years now. It has been an excellent choice. I've learned a few things about the product over the years. Leaking - if you have water drip down the side of the tank from the Eclipse it is because you have two things going on at the same time.
  • 1 - the tank is very full of water and you have the filter outlet pointed so too much water force is directed against the side of the tank, causing some of the water to push up between the tank lip and the Eclipse edge.
  • 2 - there is enough water between the Eclipse and the top of the tank to set the water from #1 in motion, getting pulled up and over the top of the tank and out.
Prevention - First and foremost, if you are going to have the tank pretty full, point the outlet out into the tank and not directly against the side of the tank. Secondly, after water changes, lift the Eclipse a little and wipe collected water from around the tank lip where you were putting water in. Do those two simple things and you won't have any leaking problems at all.
Filters - Take any used Eclipse filter, and when you are ready to throw it away instead cut off the blue material and discard it and the carbon, leaving the plastic shell of the filter only. Since it is a perfect fit and has a nice grid at the bottom, it is now the perfect holder for your own filter media. Buy a roll of that blue/white filter media, and cut it to fit the filter shell (actually cut it a little large; it squeezes down into the filter shell). Push it right down into the filter shell, against the grid at the bottom. When you do partial water changes or when you notice that some of the water is not going through the media but instead is pouring over the "spillway", just pull the filter media out of the shell (leave the shell in the Eclipse), rinse it out, put it back. Lasts for months and makes an EXTREMELY inexpensive filter. There's never any need to clean the biowheel at all, and it basically lasts forever. It's not a bad idea to clean the narrow compartment where water comes from the filter media into the biowheel chamber every year or so to keep it working at peak efficiency.
From: Bill
Product:Eclipse II
I have had my Eclipse II on a 20G high tank for some time now. Excellent product ! No "'condensation" or any other problems. Have 3 banana plants, Java Fern and Anubias (3), all doing very well. I keep the light(s) on for 12 to 13 hours/day, and they are all flourishing. Have 5 small angels and 2 Black Ruby Barbs. The color on all the fish is very intense, they feed like they are in a frenzy, and they couldn't be any healthier. Very pleased.

From: Phil
Product:Eclipse I and II
I've notice that a lot of you have been having the same problems with the filtration system. I've had my systems running for about three years now and I have experienced many of the same problems. I can say, that if you pay attention to the system, it should function properly and give good results. The filters can get clogged quickly. I saw a post by a guy that adds his own charcoal and pads. That's a good idea and pretty cheap. I usually try to go 2 or 3 months on a single filter. I used to just let it go, but had the problem of water overflowing into the biowheel. What causes it to leak is back next to the pump. When the water level gets up to the seal for the pump, it can flow past it, where it runs down the plastic to the lip of the tank. This is where it starts coming out. If you clean the tank or do a water change and stir up debris, it will prematurely clog the filter. What I usually do now is pull the filter out and rinse it in the sink upside down; rubbing it to dislodge the particles it has collected. I then put it back into the tank and it works fine. After 2 or 3 months, I'll change it to get fresh carbon in the tank. You could even go longer if you wanted, depending on the condition and loading of your tank. You don't necessarily need carbon, so you could do this indefinitely. I have noticed some condensation inside the top, but never enough to cause water to drip out of the tank (the water in the tank doesn't evaporate that fast). That has usually been the product of a clogged filter. If it is a salt tank, and you notice salt on the outside of the tank coming from the top, it is definitely not condensation (water evaporates, leaving the salt behind). Check the filter. If it's a freshwater tank, still check the filter. The biowheel should never need replacing. If needed, simply rinse it off, but you shouldn't have to do this either. This is the bulk of the biological filtration for the filter. The aerobic bacteria on it keep the nitrogen cycle going to break down ammonia into nitrites and nitrites into nitrates. Nitrates just hang around and are used by plants and algae. I think clams can process nitrates too. The only other way to get rid of nitrates is to do water changes of have a deep sand bed or plenum in a saltwater tank. I believe the last two use anaerobic bacteria to break down the nitrates. The biowheel is what allows you to change the filter out and still maintain your bacteria. Lights.... They are a little lacking for the reef or plants. I also had one of my two lights on the Eclipse 2 fail. This was after a serious salt accumulation on the top, due to filter overflow and neglect. I got it all cleaned up and one of the lights didn't work. I took it apart and underneath, in the middle are two little curious things wired into the current path. I haven't torn the bad one apart, but I suspect that it is a fusible link, that opens on over-current, like from salt getting into the light. This could probably be replaced fairly cheaply or just removed and hardwired together (the latter not recommended due to safety, but will work). I'm ordering a power compact retrofit designed for the Eclipse, so I'm not going to bother with the lights it has. They should provide much better lighting. As far as the pump seizing, I've never had that problem. I can think of a couple of things that may cause it, though. Maybe some fine particles, like sand, are getting sucked into it and causing it to bind. The water level may be too low and the pump isn't getting enough flow, which keeps it cool. Be sure to turn the pump off when lowering the water level in the tank to less than it is able to pump. Don't turn it back on until the water level rises above the impeller housing. I believe the impeller is at the bottom of the square housing right at the top of the round tube that takes suction from the tank. The pump needs to be primed which means the water needs to be at the impeller. Starting it with the water below that level will just cause it to spin dry, and it will overheat and melt parts. I hope this is helpful and encouraging to those of you that have lost hope for your systems. The design could be a lot better, but if you just pay attention to it, it should work fine.
From: DSK from Oak Park, IL
I've been impressed with the Eclipse product line for some time. It's a slick setup and looks much better that most, so I bought an Eclipse 3 system. It's true that the replacement filters are a bit pricey and will look into the cut-to-fit alternative. My biggest complaint with the product, is that the filters do need to be replaced or rinsed very frequently and if you neglect this, water can spill out the back of the unit onto furniture, wall and floor (I would expect that a slight modification could correct this problem). I suggest that a number of posts in this forum note problems of condensation causing leaking I suggest that the problem really is a filter that needs more attention. This system is not perfect and has some great features; but the potential for real damage to your home is there so be careful!
From: stev-o
I have had this product for about a year and this is a very clean and simple tank. Ya the filter cartridges are pretty expensive but I think its worth it. I would recommend this tank to any fish lover.
From: Tampa Dave
I've had very good success with the Eclipse 3 system. I'm new at this hobby, and this is the first aquarium I've ever had. I put the tank up 4/13/04, and cycled in about 14 days. I've put in about 50 pounds of live rock and change about 5 gallons out every two weeks, and change the filter. I lost my first fish to ich, in 7/04. Since then I've had a Yellow Tang, Scotts Damsel, Strawberry fish, Mandarin fish, an Orange Eyed Indian Urchin, A Brittle Star, 3 camel back shrimp, 3 emerald crabs and about 20 cleaners snail and crab, and now have a nice mushroom growing along with a nice spread of star polyps, and some other small polyp. This is an excellent system for a starter. Do your research and realize that you are going to learn along the way. I've no problem with ANY of the manufactured parts of the Eclipse. I bought another one for my bedroom, and am getting ready to set it up...Highly recommended from a complete novice who wanted to keep it simple.
From: Anonymous
Date: NA
Piece of crap, filter is run by a magnet that always jams. The last time it jammed it overheated and the tube melted. The product only uses its filters. If the store is out your out of luck because not everyone carries this crap. If there is a problem you cant bring it back to the store, you have to send to manf.

From: Anonymous
Date: NA
I thought the Eclipse would be a good product as well, however, within only a month the pump failed and one of the lights went out.

From: Anonymous
Date: 12/11/2001
I thought it was a great idea, then all my fish kept dying, the filtration system really bites, I agree with the comments made above regarding the specificity of their retarded cartridges. SO. I'm trying to sell my eclipse II... anyone interested?OH. and the biowheel, no one carries one in that shape.

From: Casey
Product:Eclipse 37 gallon
I have had my Eclipse 37 gallon tank for 1 year and have been very pleased with the quality and performance. I keep African's in it and they do great. I believe this is a perfect tank for your average fish keeper. Good price and good performance.

From: Kathy
Product:Eclipse 1 15g "high"
I am very happy with my tank. I have had freshwater fish (asst. Bettas, Neon Tetras, Plecos, and Coolie Loaches) for over two years now. I have had absolutely no problems with the filtration or the lighting. This tank is virtually maintenance free; I just keep an eye on the charcoal filter cartridge and when it's clogged up I replace it. Other than that I clean the glass occasionally and th th th that's all folks! And on the topic of replacement filters...there is a tank that is almost identical sold at WalMart and the cartridges that go with it (it may even be a Marineland product with another name besides Eclipse). These are identical to the Eclipse version and I have been using them for over a year now. The price on a three pack is about $3-4 less, I believe than the typical pet store.

From: Anonymous
Product:Eclipse 2
A lot of false advertising. This filter system was donated to our library by a patron, and was put onto a good (healthy) aquarium. The filter system worked well only for the first few minutes, then it seemed the water would just flow right on over the surface of the filter into the bio-wheel compartment. That doesn't really give you the 100% total contact filtration the manufacturer advertises. The only thing this system seems able to make a healthy environment for is cynobacteria. I can see why it was donated. We will be going back to the generic power filter that cost alot les to maintain.

From: Charles
Product:Eclipse 3 first tank. I thought it was a good idea at the time, being a novice to keeping fish and all. I have had numerous problems with mine and as a result I am about to move to a new tank and filtration system. First, the filters are expensive! In the two years+ that I've had it I would guess that I've spent a good $200 just on filters. They get gunked up too quickly and easily allowing too much water to overflow into the bio-wheel rather than through the filter media. And if you ever have to medicate your about a headache. Second - It's noisy! I kept the pump as clean as I could and tried moving it around and placing it carefully to try and get rid of the vibrations. I finally had to put a piece of weather stripping across the lip of the lid to keep it at least somewhat quiet. Third - Finally a bala shark knocked the tube hard enough to pull the impeller out of the motor housing. The pump promptly overheated and went into full meltdown. Marineland has changed the pump shape since I bought my tank, so getting a new pump will take weeks at best. It's not worth it - so I am welcoming a new 55gal. tank into my home to take its place. The only nice thing I can say about this tank is that the light system is nice and easy to use. I am looking forward to a new and more reliable system this weekend. Thankfully owning this filtration system has not turned me off from aquaria altogether.

From: Mag
Product:Eclipse 3
Love it! Best tank on the market. I have a three gallon eclipse and a 37 gallon eclipse. I feel like I couldn't have made a better choice on tanks. Very quiet and very easy to maintain.

From: John
Product:Eclipse 1
I have owned 2 eclipse tanks for several years now, and have generally been happy with them. I have to agree with some other posts that the filters are expensive to replace. Getting replacement parts is a nightmare however. The impeller blade on my Eclipse 1 (at most, 25 cents worth of plastic) needed replacing, but alas, the Eclipse 1 is no longer manufactured, but Marineland was happy to sell me a whole new pump/impeller for $45. I don't think so. I hear Penguin bio filters are pretty good.

From: Debi
Product:Eclipse II Filtration
I'm disappointed to see all these negative posts. I have had my Eclipse II on a 25gal Sea Clear for about 9 months and am very please with the ease of maintenance. Yes the cartridges are expensive - I rotate between the "made for" cartridges and some cut to fit filter media to cut down on the cost. If I need to medicate, I just use the filter pad I cut to fit inside the filter housing. I like being able to shove the setup so close to the wall, and really it's so easy to keep clean. I do have the problem of fish splashing water out between the tank and the hood. Could probably remedy that easily with gasketing, but I wipe down the outside of the aquarium a couple times a week, so really not a hassle. I am now considering the Clear for Life double Eclipse so I can have a 4 ft aquarium. Overall, compared to the HOT filters, I wouldn't trade.
From: JonDutch
Product:Eclipse II
First off. I love this son of a b***h. But you gotta tweak it here's how:
  • First off it's to expensive, so, people who work at pet stores don't give a damn so scope one out for the most likely person to do the deal, and start with $50 it'll probably do it.(I got mine for $20)
  • 2nd The cartridges are to much money, so, buy that blue filter stuff.($1=1 month) If you want also buy carbon but I wouldn't if you have plants. This will bring down maintenance costs by like 80%!
  • 3rd Toss the Biowheel
  • 4th The stock system makes way to much surface movement, so, under the biowheel spot take off that scope(snaps off) and replace with dishwasher pipe(hardware store $2)go most of the way down it'll make a nice undertow that plants like.
  • 5th Retrofit with new lighting from ($50 but worth it and you need more light than stock, hopefully you got it cheap)
  • 6th (optional) I like to have a fine piece of foam free floating in place of the biowheel. It picks up mo' crap.

From: Hansen
Product:Eclipse III Filtration
I have owned other Marineland products and had very positive experiences with them, that is why I didn't hesitate to purchase the Eclipse 3. What a great idea, lights, filtration w/BioWheel all in a convenient and attractive canopy. What could be better? I installed the hood on a 32 gal. Tru-Vu tank that was designed to work w/the Eclipse 3. I have experienced CONSTANT water trickling out of the tank from the overhead Eclipse canopy, due to condensation on the plastic housing? It is ruining (buckling) my cabinet and carpet. Who knows if my sub-flooring might be affected. I'm ready to chuck this POS and go back to the "old" way of doing things... I'm very unhappy with this product and think it is poorly designed. I will buy other Marineland products, but not this one EVER again!
From: Shaun
Product:Eclipse III Filtration
I have had this product for about 3 years now..and now I am ready to throw it out. Condensation is constantly collecting and dripping down the sides of my much so that it ruined the carpet in my old apartment. Now I have since replaced the tank with a Sea Clear 40 gallon acryllic...and the problem is even worse. Why can't Marineland create some rubber gaskets? Is that too bloody hard?




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