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The Eclipse® Explorer® is a true "first" in the world of fishkeeping. Better than a bowl, it's the first and only two-gallon aquarium with total 3-stage filtration - the high-performance Eclipse Filter Cartridge and patented Marineland BIO-Wheel. It's the same high efficiency filtration employed by our much larger aquatic systems.

The seamless, injection-molded aquarium and silent operating filter are simple to set up and maintain. The textured skylight lets in surrounding light. Every kit comes complete with an informative beginners fishkeeping guide, premium tropical fish food and water conditioner. And the stylish hood comes in a variety of fun colors!

Beauty, economy, performance, simplicity. The Eclipse Explorer is the world's greatest goldfish bowl...ideal for many species of tropical fish, too.



Additional performance features...
  • Eclipse Filter Cartridge and BIO-Wheel Ensure easy installation, easy operation.
  • Cartridge comes preassembled and changes in seconds. BIO-Wheel never needs replacing.
  • Textured Skylight Lifts off effortlessly for easy feeding and maintenance Safe,
  • Silent Epoxy-Sealed Motor Requires no maintenance, no oiling.
Product Name Product Description More Info
Two-Gallon Aquarium, Certified Flow: 35 GPH, Available in Blue, Black, Purple, Teal, White
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Your comments:

From: Blayne
I have had mine for over a year and I havent had any problems. I keep african dwarf frogs and they have done great and the size is perfect for my dorm room.

From: Jen
I had a little goldfish for 4 years. I bought a new 3 gallon Eclipse tank and thought that I was providing a better environment for our little fish. That fish died within 10 days, and I have subsequently lost 5 fish since then. I've tried everything, talked to "professionals", and read as much as possible on the web. Nothing works, and I am convinced it's because this tank is a death trap. Don't buy it.

From: Ashley
I bought one of these for my daughter to house a couple of guppies and found that the current is just too strong for little fish - especially the males. It's a great little tank but care needs to be taken in choosing fish.





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