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Hagen Fluval 06 Series Canister Filters


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TThe innovative design of Fluval 06 holds 35 - 50 % more volume than similar sized canister filters. Highly efficient, super quiet canister filter utilizes the entire canister space for increased media-to-water contact and better filtration. Powerful motor and customizable design make it a unique step-above other canister filters. Multi-stage filtration houses chemical and biological media in separate modules, so biological media stays untouched as you adjust chemical media. The revolutionary AquaStop System makes cleaning and maintenance leak proof and mess free by stopping water without disconnecting hoses. Sound dampening impeller design prevents noisy distractions from your aquariumís crystal clear beauty. Hose lock nuts and an impeller cover ensure secure connection and prevent breakage. Lift-lock clamps seal the lid remarkably tight but release easily to open the filter. Manual siphoning is a thing of the past with Instant Prime technology. Also features intake strainer, pre-assembled parts, and pre-packed media for complete ease of use.

Available in 106, 206, 306, 406





A-215 Fluval 404

- Multi Stage Filter
- Output: 340 U.S.g. (1300 l)
- Recommended Maximum Aquarium: 100 U.S.g. (400 l)
- Designed to provide optimum aquarium filtration
- Versatile combination of mechanical and biological capacity
- External Dimensions (without AquaStop Connection):
- 6.5" (16.5 cm)D
- 9.5" (24.2 cm)W
- 15.5" (40.0 cm)H

Your comments:

From: Chris
Date: 12/23/2012
Model: Fluval 206
Very Unhappy. I have had my Fluval 206 since 1/2012 and cleaned it 3x very carefully, and would you know it started to leak from then clamps. I checked O ring and it was fine. Since there is a 3 year warranty I had to send unit back to company in Mass. It has been gone over a week and I am stuck with sponge filter on my tank. This unit may be held up for another 10 days cause fluval has to test. I just bout a Penn Plax 600 internal to hold up water in turtle tank. See what happens maybe Eheim or PennPlax maybe on my list. All I know is always have back up with a canister in case crap like this happens.
From: Bruce Zearfoss
Date: 12/09/2011
Model: Fluval 404
I've been keeping fish alive for about 47 years. About six years ago I bought a Fuval 404 for my 75 gallon tank. I love it. The leaking problem has happened to me twice. I replaced the rings and it stopped. When I set up my 150 I added it as another filter. This is what I discovered: I used to fill the canister with water, then attach the lid. On the 150 it leaked. I took it apart and when I put it all back together, I only filled it about half way, and used the hand pump on top to flush out all the air...NO LEAKS. I now use the hand pump every time I clean it and it runs great, does a good job on filtration, and I haven't had any leaks since.
From: Steve Burton
Date: 11/15/2011
Model: Fluval 406
I purchased 2 Fluval 406 recently and found that the previous issues in the 04 and 05 series has been addressed. I have a Fluval 405 and know the design issues. 1) After cleaning the motor head does not fit properly to the main filter body which can cause water to leak. 2) the impeller cover can break after cleaning, the plastic on the impeller cover becomes brittle after use and time. 3) Priming the filter is more difficult due to the priming mech is flimsy and designed poorly. The 405 plunger is made of flimsy rubber. These 3 issues have been addressed by the fluval 06 series. 1) After cleaning the 406 I used the newly designed motor clamps to lift the motor from the main filter body without issues. Before I would have issues prying the 405 motor head from the filter body this is due to the 405 motor head clamps being more fragile and prone to breaking. 2) The 406 impeller cover is made from rubberized plastic and the plastic is much thicker and stronger. Instead of using 2 clamps too connect the impeller to the motor head the 406's impeller cover has only 1 stronger clamp. 3) The 406 primming mech is made from very strong plastic and the plunger is made with a very thick rubber and plastic it requires only 3 up and down strokes to prime very nice!! 4) The 06 series has better GPH rates up to 15%
From: Eric
Date: 07/06/2006
I noticed in alot of areas of the Internet I hear of these guys leaking, I got irritated as well, after many ideas I gave up and grabbed an eheim (great investment)I got itchy the other day while setting up my 6th tank (to my wife's dismay)and tossed the old fluval on it, it still leaked. Thinking that plastic may have warped as I had replaced the ring 2 times with no success I randomly coated it in vasoline (I don't know why) let it sit for a while washed it off really well and NO MORE LEAKS! works like new all of a sudden .. go figure! hope this works for others.

From: zoo mama
Date: 07/06/2006
I have a fluval 404 on my 50 gallon tank. I love this filter! I highly recommend it! Once I got my tank established and all of the PH and bacteria leveled out....I have no problems what so ever. I do a once a month water change out and switch out one media at a time every three weeks in my filter. My tank is so efficient that even the ghost shrimp are breeding out of control! I highly recommend this filter! It does the job it is supposed to do!

From: Yash
Date: 06/03/2006
I have had the 403 working on a 100 gallon fresh water tank for about 4 years now. I have about 30 Cichlids, a couple over 6" in length and they are dirty. After 3 years I freshened the 403 up, replaced the clips and seals and replaced the tubing. Still runs quite and does the job. I do clean it and cycle the foam every month, as the manufacturer suggests.

From: Paul
Date: 01/5/2006
My fluval 404 is perfect it is a bit of chore to clean but keeping fish and keeping a pristine tank of any kind is a chore. I love spending a weekend afternoon cleaning my tanks I have a 55 a 45 tall and a 20 tall I have my fluval in my 45 right now and it is spectacular community tank housing oscars and cichlids who are very dirty fish I would recommend this product to anyone who is into the hobby and would like a good canister filter. No complaints
From: Alan
Date: 07/13/2005
Arghhh!!! It leaks leaks and leaks some more, it flooded my lounge. I hear you all cry change the seal I did that and it still leaks all I can assume is that the filter bottle has warped slightly allowing this irritating link. Last night I got great pleasure out of throwing the filter round the garden and kicking the hell out of it. To its credit it is still in one piece but it leaks so I can't use the damn thing. I am now forced to put the original fluval 303 back on my tank and save up for an Eheim yes they are twice as much as a fluval but my god they are worth it!
From: Karen Hilbert
Date: 11/12/2004
I think Fluval makes the WORST fish tank filter on the market. I stopped people from buying one today at PetSmart. I had one and it's in the garbage dump now. I will continue to do this because Fluval would not refund my money even though they knew their filters were a bad design.
From: Anonymous
Date: NA
A very efficient filter, but requires too much time in cleaning.

From: Ellis
Date: 07/20/2001
I have the original fluval 403 filter(BEFORE THE DESIGN CHANGE)for over 3 years. The filter works extremely good. I have had no problems with it. I clean it approximately every 3 months,with a complete overhaul once a year. I HIGHLY recommend this product.




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