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Here are some of the products that are popular in toady's market. If you use a product that you are happy (or unhappy) with, please fill out the product form and I will add it to the list.

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HBH products

HBH fish food


Take the best flake foods you can imagine, then blend them into a single food mix and you will discover the power of 4 Flake Frenzy™. Each food group in 4 Flake Frenzy™ represents the latest research in fish nutrition and feeding. These unique flake mixes create not only the best variety diets available but also deliver complete dietary balance unmatched by any other fish food brand. 4 Flake Frenzy™ is not four dye colors, like the competition, but four different, premium flake foods blended to cater to the needs of specific groups of fish. The multiple flake types allow fish to selectively feed on the food types and nutrients they want and need most.. The result…the most advanced fish food available.




Unbeatable Flake Formulas!
Meat Lovers Flake - packed with meat like fish meal, krill hydrolysate, anchovy, brine shrimp, fish roe (fish eggs), and earthworm to satisfy even the most voracious eaters
8 Veggie Flake - the green lover’s dream with eight vegetables including spirulina, pea, alfalfa, zucchini, spinach, romaine lettuce, kale and carrot.
Color Bright Flake - brings out a fish’s brightest coloration with all natural carotenoids (flesh and skin pigments) like beta carotene, capsicum, astaxathin, and other xanthophylls.
Health Booster Flake - double vitamin packed with a full spectrum of vitamins AND minerals. Chelated macro minerals provide for enhanced levels of nutrition through greater assimilation
Goldfish Basic Flake - a specialized formula catering to the low protein needs of goldfish, yet enhanced with immune system builders and vitamins to guard against disease and infection.
Seafood Lovers Flake - packed with seafood like fish meal, krill, anchovy, squid, fish roe (fish eggs) and brine shrimp to satisfy the most carnivorous appetite.
Marine Green 40 Flake - the algae lover’s dream with 40% greens including spirulina (the #1 ingredient), spinach, pea, alfalfa, zucchini, and romaine lettuce.
Tropical 4 Flake Frenzy™
Designed with all tropical fish in mind, this specialized blend features a balance of Meat Lover’s, 8 Veggie, Color Bright and Health Booster flakes to satisfy the omnivorous appetite of all tropical fish. You cannot buy a more complete diet for a tropical fish tank than Tropical 4 Flake Frenzy™.


Your comments:

From: Steve
Date: 03/30/2005
This food lives up to its claim, the fish love it and they have become more colorful. Hope the vitamins are keeping them healthy. They eat it like crazy.
From: Anonymous
Date: NA
This is the best flake food I have ever used. It does just as it says. My fish go nuts when I feed with this food. I have noticed the coloring of my fish is dramatically become bolder and brighter. I would recommend this flake to anyone.





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