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Manufacturer's write up


350 filter

The only filter of its kind with a patented design, self-priming, bottom-mounted motor, the Magnum® Canister Filter provides the ultimate in easy setup and restart capability. Actually, Magnum is two filters in one. It converts from continuous duty to water polishing…and all Magnums now come complete with a Carbon/Media Container and Water Polishing Micron Cartridge.

 Water enters the canister, surrounds the media and flows through rather than around it. No bypass ensures total filtration. And Magnum's versatile systems design also allows you to connect the output to a BIO-Wheel PRO for wet/dry biological filtration.


The 3-in-1 Magnum 350 PRO System filtration package delivers optimum mechanical and chemical and patented BIO-Wheel PRO 60 classic wet/dry biological filtration. It also includes the easily attachable Power Kleen Gravel Washer.




Magnum Canister Filters
Item No. Description
Magnum 350 Canister Filter Standard 350 components
Magnum 350 Canister Filter Deluxe The Deluxe Magnum comes complete with all of the standard 350 components, plus Double Quick-Disconnect Valves
Magnum 350 Canister Filter PRO Comes with the patented BIO-Wheel Pro 60 wet/dry biological filtration, and Power Kleen Gravel Washer



Your comments:

From: Terry Thompson
Date: 02/17/2011
Product name:Magnum 350
I have used these for 25 years, and will buy another should this one ever die. The first one was damaged during a move 20 years ago, so my current one is 20 years old and going strong. The first Magnum required regular oiling of the motor. This has been improved and is now maintenance free and quiet. I have only had to replace the impeller once. O-rings are still good. Shut of valves are a must, but come with the deluxe and pro systems. For filtration, I only use the micron filter when there is a problem, which is rare. I use a filter sleeve for removing debris, Seachem Matrix (superb biological filter media)where carbon would usually go, a media bag of Seachem Purigen (chemical filtration better than carbon) on top of Matrix (chemical filtration)to fill out the container. I also use an ugf with powerful power heads. There is no need for noisy, messy power wheels. I might try re-plumbing to run the ugf with the Magnum. If so I'll leave a post on how well it works. The results are zero losses raising 20 angels from pea-sized to silver dollar sized in a 55 gal tank. Plants are growing like weeds, but no algae. I only have to clean the filter about every two months. And test strips show no nitrates and minimal nitrates. Even the gravel needs minimal cleaning. All of these filter media can be cleaned and reused many times for great economy.
From: Glenn Virgin
Date: 05/4/2009
Product name:Magnum 350
I also inherited one of these filters with a tank, and since the earlier ones didn't have the quick releases (I am not positive, but I think they are now standard with those sold new...), my experience started with that. I hated cleaning it. There was no easy way to get the filter open without forcing it, and many other difficulties. I did go out and get a set of quick releases, and since then, it's been a dream. The cleaning is quick and easy, and it's relatively quiet. If you want the ultimate bedroom tank filter, don't look here, go for the Ehiem. But I have since picked up two more, and they all work fine. By the way, my first one did need a new impeller assembly, but it had been in storage for the last 4 years or so, and had been left with water in the bottom of the canister and it rusted through. Of course, it was the original that came with the filter and at that point was about 15 years old. Maybe more. The have the option of running a double biowheel setup, providing loads of surface area for biological filtration. They prime quickly and easily after a cleaning due to the bottom mounted impeller, they have an open canister that allows you to use whatever adsorption agent you desire, they also have the micron polishing cartridge that does a great job on that last step. Here are a few tips on how I get the most out of this very versatile filter system. Remember the micron cartridge will clog rather quickly if you have a lot of stuff in your water. Instead of using the micron cartridge, I have been using filter floss jammed into the media canister, and it does nearly as good a job, with the benefit of flowing longer before needing a clean, as well as being easier to clean. As to cleaning, the absolutely easiest ways that I have found to clean the canister is to unhook from the tank, and then shake the poop out of it, literally. When you turn the filter off, it unhooks from the electrical base. You are then left with the plastic canister with the two quick connects sticking up from the top. Just spend a few minutes shaking it vigorously then rinse and repeat a few more times. If you are using the biowheel for your biological filter, this can all be done with untreated tap water. Once you have gotten most of the debris out of the filter, you can open it up and do a more detailed job. Just remember to treat with a dechlorinator before reconnecting to the tank. Also, if you purchase a second quick release valve, you can use one end connected to a gravel vac that will just use the canister for suction and filtration with the siphoned water being returned through it's normal channel. Then use the other half of the quick release on your drain hose and you can have powered tank drains for your water changes. Just connect the drain to the water return. The quick releases are all female connectors, there is just a male insert that spans the gap between the fittings when it's closed. It can be removed if doesnt stay in the appropriate side. My vote is that it's a great filter system for the money, especially if you are looking at getting one used. If you find one cheap, buy it.
From: Matt Kuenzi
Date: 12/19/2007
Product name:Magnum 350
I got this filter as a throw in with a used aquarium as well. I can't believe they charge $150 for this thing new. The entire filter just has this cheap feeling, and the setup is complicated with several O rings and loose parts that kind of get sandwiched together by the canister lid. Want quick disconnects to clean the filter, no problem! except they run 25 to 40 extra! Thankfully I passed on that. I wanted carbon filtration so I went out and bought the carbon filter for it. After filling the unit with carbon, I popped it in and filled the canister with water per the directions. The lid of the carbon filter popped off way too easily and suddenly I had carbon everywhere in the filter, probably not good for the power head. Cleaned it up, and got it back on and thought I was ready to go. Plugged it in, turned it on and boom it was working...except there was water coming out from the lid latches on the top!!! I promptly returned the carbon filter to the store and restrained myself from smashing this thing. Instead I got an Eheim ECCO, which by the way costs the same, is built soo much better, comes with quick disconnects and doesn't leak!
From: Michael
Date: 4/05/2005
Product name:Magnum 350
I bought this filter for my 30 gal FW aquarium because of a problem with very foggy water. I had a bio wheel filter supposedly good for up to 50 gal and just could not get the water clear. Water changes, chemicals nothing worked. I installed the Magnum 350 with the micron filter and within just 3 hours the water was remarkably clearer and by the next morning it was crystal clear. Now I run the carbon cartridge for about 2 weeks then the micron for 1 week and the tank is doing fine.
From: Steve
Date: 2/04/2005
Product name:Magnum 350
I acquired a marineland magnum 350 as a throw-in on a second hand aquarium purchase. After tuning up the unit with a new o-ring and micron cartridge I was ready to do some tank polishing! After reading all the overly hyped claims by the retailers and manufacturer I was highly confident this baby would have my established 30 gal. aquarium crystal clear within a couple of hours! Ha! after purchasing the exorbitantly priced micron cartridge the only thing that was polished was my wallet. Even after charging the cartridge with diatomaceous earth and the use of a certain water clarifier specified by Marineland I was assured by a Marineland tec rep that the tank would be clear within 24 hours, such was not the case despite the manufactures claim. This filter is quiet and probably good as a sustaining filter but from my experience it is no water polisher. I would go with a real diatom filter such as the Vortex for that purpose. I wish someone would take these manufactures to task of legally substantiating their claims.





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