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Aquarium Systems, the makers of the Visi-Therm® Deluxe Aquarium Heaters and Instant Ocean® Sea Salt, has announced the launch of new Stealth Submersible Aquarium Heaters – combining advanced streamlined design with water-calibrated Visi-Therm accuracy, UL-approved performance assurance, and a lifetime performance warranty.

Every Stealth Heater has an easy-set temp select dial that ensures accuracy to within 1º F. Inside the shatterproof thermal-plastic casing, an 8-cavity heating element pairs with the aluminum core cylinder to distribute core heat evenly and efficiently. Other notable safety features include a built-in shock absorber and stop-restart overheat protection, which shuts the heater down automatically if left out of the water and restarts it immediately upon

“Our new Stealth heaters deliver the ultimate in adjustability, durability…and safe, efficient operation,” affirms Marineland Director of Product Development Alex Canales, adding “And start-up is easy as
1-2-3. Just set it, install it, and plug it in.”

Stealth heaters are vailable in sizes to fit all freshwater or marine aquariums up to 75 gallons: Stealth 25 for 5-gallon aquariums; Stealth 75 for 20-gallon aquariums; Stealth 100 for 25-gallon aquariums; Stealth 150 for 40-gallon aquariums; Stealth 200 for 50-gallon aquariums; Stealth 250 for 65-gallon aquariums; and Stealth 300 for 75-gallon aquariums.

Aquarium Systems, along with Marineland Aquarium Products, Marineland Laboratories, Marineland Retailer Systems (MaRS), Marineland Research Systems, Marineland Commercial Aquariums, and Perfecto Manufacturing, is part of Marineland, the world's largest manufacturer of aquarium products and integrated aquatic filtration systems for both consumer and commercial applications. For information on our extensive lines of filtration products and systems, call Marineland at (800) 322-1266 or visit the corporate web site:

6100 Condor Dr
United States
Phone: (800) 322-1266




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From: superpap56
I use this in one tank only--thankfully. I usually like marineland products but----if it were not for the honoring the warranty and replacing this thing with new ones I would have given up on them long ago. Four gone bad in less than a year. This will be the last one--even though a free replacement. If it quits -I will never own another.





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