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Reverse Flow with Prefilter Sponge. Certified Flow: 170 GPH

Undergravel filters perform best when water flow through the gravel bed is consistent and predictable, creating surface agitation for tank oxygenation. Air pumps and airstones can deteriorate or clog. As a result, they become noisy and ineffective... frequently requiring replacement and/or service.

Penguin Power Heads deliver constant flow with fully adjustable aeration and increased surface agitation... and they remain silent at all times. The air valve regulates air flow, the air filter eliminates noise and dust and the intake strainer keeps debris from fouling the impeller... that's efficiency.

And... Penguin Power Heads are absolutely safe in both fresh and saltwater.

Unique Two Way Versatility! The Penguin 660R Power Head As a Reverse Flow Power Head, the Penguin 660 delivers oxygenated water to even the deepest layers of the gravel bed. It includes a reverse flow elbow mount and sponge prefilter.

As a Power Sponge Prefilter - complete with flow diffuser - it's great for turtle or amphibian tank application.


Certified Flow: 300 GPH


Converts any Penguin Power Head to Reverse Flow. Includes Pre-Filter Sponge.




  • Worry-Free, Safety Engineering - U/L listed, CSA available. Epoxy-sealed, moisture-proof motor and electrical components ensure safe operation and handling.

  • Unique Mounting System that adjusts to any demand. Bracket and suction cups expand mounting options.

  • Adjustable Flow Diffuser and Aeration Valve deliver ideal surface agitation and maximum oxygenation.


Item No. Description
Penguin Power Head 550 Up to 145 GPH
Penguin Power Head 660 Up to 170 GPH
Penguin Power Head 1140 Up to 300 GPH
Penguin Power Head 660R Sponge Prefilter Fits all models
Penguin Power Head Reverse Flow Kit Fits all models


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From: Anonymous
Date: NA
I have two 550 on my 55 gallon which are running the undergravel filter and the work great. They are a lot less noisy than airpumps and they pump the water more efficiently. The fish love the current they create. They also have an attachment to where you can feed air into the water flow. African Cichlids love it.





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