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One BIO-Wheel, Unpowered.
Minimum Flow Requirement: 120 GPH

One BIO-Wheel. Powered
by Penguin 660 Power
Head (170 GPH)

BIO-Wheel PRO adds biological filtration to any new or existing aquarium system. It mounts easily on the back of the tank and is powered by an adjustable spray bar. Because it operates above the water line, the BIO-Wheel PRO is exposed to both air and water, providing classic wet/dry biological filtration - faster and far more efficiently than any alternative submerged or sponge filter methods.

Ideal for 30 gallon or smaller aquariums, the BIO-Wheel PRO 30 outperforms a 30 gallon undergravel filter with 50 lbs. of cultured gravel. The BIO-Wheel PRO 60 (two BIO-Wheels) delivers twice the filtration capacity. While undergravel filters eventually clog and their performance declines, BIO-Wheels actually improve over time.

Maintenance is easy. Simply lift the BIO-Wheel cover and take a few seconds to clean the spray bar with the custom brush provided - without disturbing the gravel bed or interfering with the biosystem.

Powered models include a Penguin Power Head and sponge prefilter. Unpowered models connect directly to any canister filter, power head or other water pump.

Reverse Flow with
Prefilter Sponge.
Certified Flow: 170 GPH



Item No. Description
PF 0430 BIO-Wheel PRO 30 (One BIO-Wheel - Unpowered)
PF 0430P BIO-Wheel Power PRO 30 (One BIO-Wheel w/PH660)
PF 0460 BIO-Wheel PRO 60 (Two BIO-Wheels - Unpowered)
PF 0460P BIO-Wheel Power PRO 60 (Two BIO-Wheels 2/PH1140)

Your comments:

From: Joe Harper
Date: 9/14/2009
I used the bio wheel 60 years ago with my eheim 2217 hooked up to it. I thought it was the best thing on the market. Why did marineland stop making them. Hopefully they will bring them back in the future, I know a lot of people would buy them that have canister filters. Was a great product.
From: Anonymous
Date: NA
Very little maintenance, keeps my tanks clean. My fish seem the healthiest in my tanks with these on them.





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