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Here are some of the products that are popular in toady's market. If you use a product that you are happy (or unhappy) with, please fill out the product form and I will add it to the list.

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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

proper ph


Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Proper pH
Easy-to-use, fast dissolving powder that automatically sets and stabilizes pH while neutralizing chlorine and detoxifying heavy metals. Contains aloe vera and electrolytes to reduce fish stress. Use when setting up aquarium or changing water. The 6.5 is for tetras, discus, and angels. The 7.0 is for community fish. The 7.5 is for goldfish, mollies and guppies. The 8.2 is for Saltwater, brackish, and African cichlid aquariums.




Your comments:

From: Josh
This stuff really works well bringing ph down from 8 to 7 in seconds with barely no fluctuates. The only problem I am faced with is extremely cloudy water.
From: Steve
This stuff works as advertised. It wasn't until I stopped using it that the PH declined and algae gradually appeared. Initially I was using it to treat tap water. Although it contains phosphates I have never had an algae problem from its use, perhaps because 7.0 PH is not desirable for algae growth. My understanding is that algae prefer acidic conditions to grow well. I've read that phosphates are an excellent buffer and that seems to be the case here. Currently I am experimenting with baking soda to add KH to the water and raise the PH although I am doubtful it will sustain the PH I want. This product, Proper PH 7.0, has worked as claimed, I recommend it.
From: Anonymous
Date: NA
This stuff just rocks. It is *NOT* a phosphate buffer! The same company makes other variants of this that are, but the 8.2 variant is NOT. It also keeps the water at an exactly even pH. My water has never even fluctuated 0.1. Put it in, use some when you change water(enough for the water replaced), and you are set. Checking pH almost becomes unnecessary.





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