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quick cure


QuICK Cure

QuICK Cure is the fastest known treatment for Ick. When fish are observed with the white sugar like spots covering the fish, QuICK Cure is the product of choice. It can also be used to treat symptoms that include gasping for air, flicking against rocks and the grey-white slime that covers sick fish. QuICk Cure also treats mild fluke and body fungus outbreaks as well as protozoan parasite illnesses such as costia, chilodonella and trichodina. It also has the ability to control lymphocystis in just a few days. Although lymphocystis is truly a virus, QuICK Cure does not kill the virus but makes the environment of the aquarium so the disease can not flourish. Apply QuICK Cure once every 24 hours according to the dosing chart on the label. QuICK Cure typically cures within 48 hours however the treatment can be repeated in 48 hours if necessary. The aquarium water will turn light blue during treatment. This is a temporary condition and will disappear in a few days. Safe for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Will not harm most aquatic plants.





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From: Judie/BeavisMom62
Date: 10/5/09
I've only used it once. Didn't have any problems with it but unfortunately, I misdiagnosed my fish, so it wasn't effective (fish had flex - a bacteria, not parasitic or fungus). The only comment I thought I should make though, is while the blue color of the water is temporary, it did stain my airlines to my bubble wall. I imagine it could stain other things in the tank, depending upon what they are made of. But, no complaints about the product itself. I have seen it highly recommended on many fish sites.
From: Mario Avalle
Date: 5/12/09
Have used Quick Cure (formalin,Malachite Green) for treatment of Discus who were suffering from Ich after shipping across country. I chose to use it at half dose for three consecutive days. Although outbreak was mild,, The product worked as advertised. Would recommend this product. As with all medications, follow the directions carefully.
St. Joseph, Mo.
From: Mario Avalle
Date: 4/22/06
I used this during an out break of Ich at half the normal dosage. I'd lost a lot of fish to ich before I really got tired of it and actually READ about the illness. Even though I did loose one pictus catfish, all the other tank mates survived and I believe it was because of the Quick Cure. I will recommend this medication to anyone who has an Ich problem. Also, don't forget to follow the advise you find on web pages like this one!!!





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