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Lee's Ultimate Super Pump Kits

Ultimate Gravel Vac


The Ultimate Super Pump is a replacement part for the Ultimate Gravel Vac Kit. This piece connects the hose to the sink faucet and regulates the flow of water in and out of the aquarium during routine maintenance.





Your comments:

From: Kevin
I have the same product and the same issue. I actually used duct tape to kind of put it back together until I could return to the store where I bought it. Once I showed it to the manager she said it was a common problem and replaced the cracked piece out of their stock which was fine with me. A suggestion from me to you would be to take some sort of medium sized towel and lay it across the faucet in case of water spouts to prevent from making a mess. Good Luck.
From: Linda
This product is made very cheaply. I purchased the kit. Used it 4 times and today while in the middle of a water change the darn faucet adaptor snaps. Water all over my kitchen. No tension as the hose was laying on the kitchen floor. I go to the store, they look at it and said doesn't look like tension on the plastic, and sell me a replacement part. I get it home and reattach it to the faucet making sure the threads are lined up and all parts are secure. Good thing I tested it first. I turn the water on and it's spewing water from the exact location that the first one snapped. This is with the hose and all still in the sink. The product is poor quality. I've now spent $70. counting the kit and the replacement part and still not happy. I have emailed Lee's to find out what can be done about it and no response yet. ... stay away from this product unless you want much aggravation or have more money than brains.




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