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Wardly fish food


Community bites Tropical Crumbles 2.5 oz
Category: Foods
Manufacturer:  Wardley
Community Bites floating-sinking food allow feeding of fish at the surface, midwater and bottom. This is an excellent daily color enhancing food for all tropicals.




Your comments:

From: Daniel
Just wanted to drop you a line and see if you have had the same experience as I, or if you would like to share this caveat with your readers. A few weeks ago I did something I have not in many years-tried a different fish food. I have been a steady fan of Aquarian for a long time and decided to try Wardleys new "Slow Sinking Crumbles". What a mistake. I don't know what their definition of slow sinking is, but these things sink like stones. Also, "guaranteed not to cloud water?" My water was clouded in about 2 days as the poor fish tried to race to catch these slow sinking missiles and could not. I am changing the water now, a little a day, trying to bring the water back to where it was. Warn them, warn them all! Don't buy this food, it is terrible. I am now a life long Aquarian fan and will never try another!





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