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These puzzles run on Java, newer versions of widows do not have this installed. You can get it by clicking the logo.

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Word search

Four different aquatic word search puzzles, you will be timed for your completion. They are harder than you think.




Picture scramblers

Here you will find a choice of three different series of puzzles. Each one contains four puzzles to complete and each one will increase in difficulty. As you complete each puzzle you will advance to the next. If you are able to complete all four puzzles you will directed to a page that will allow you to submit your name or you may continue and try to become a member of the "Puzzle Elite". Once I receive your name you will be added to the appropriate
Have fun and good luck!


Badman's puzzles use an Java applet that is not recognized as secure by the latest versions. I assure you it is harmless. If you wish to play the puzzles you will have to add an exemption to the Java program. To do this go to start menu, programs, Java, configure Java, security and then add to the exemption list. It only takes a minute and the puzzles are a lot of fun. If you need help you can always email me.






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The cream of the crop, each of these puzzlers have completed addtional puzzles that are available only when the first ones are completed, they are truely the "Puzzle Elite"

elite puzzle preview




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