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Everyone on this list has completed all four tropical fish puzzles. They are all "Hall of Fame" puzzlers. The Elite group has completed two additional aquarium puzzles. If you would like to join them, try your skill buy pressing the puzzle button.


This special group opted to go for it all. I really don't know how they completed those additional tropical fish puzzles, but by doing so they sure belong here!



2007 / 2012 PUZZLE ELITE
athomas Interesting puzzles for aquarium enthusiasts. The neons were a bit fuzzy, so it was a little more difficult.
Nick V Wow
Daver D woohoo!! Last is a killer!
Bunny Oh! Wow! That was hard!
Badger killer puzzles
Gopi Oh my...that last one was really tough Pat! Took hours :)
That last one... Ouch!
Rob I honestly never want to see neons again.. EVER..that took hours. Look for shades in the background.
Mary Beth WOW
Corwin Holy cow that took forever, i spent at least one hour and a half on the second one. awesome puzzles!
Charlie Holloway Pain in the...well you know. It would have been helpful if puzzle pieces didn't just sponanteously twin themselves...yes there were exact twins. I had to reset twice. And those 4 or 5 black boxes could use SOMETHING to give you a hint on where they go. I had to print the screen to see the problems...a grey square was JUST out of place. Speaking of size...make it so you can zoom in on this damn thing. Its nearly impossible to see the pieces as it is...
Path Finder WOW, that was hard! But I still did it, hahaha.
Rene Rünt Nice webpage... keep up the good work
Andrew Thomas Whoo! All those 20mins...
Deric That took forever!
Rothesmate That was a doozie! WOW! I think I am seeing tetras everywhere! Thanks for the fun!
VinsonMassif Seriously difficult. I took me hours to do it.
Mr.Squiggles Wow that was tough!
J. Penney Holy Cripes!!!! I want the the last 6 hours of my life back!!!! Couldn't give up once I started but now I am seeing double!!! LOL
CoryOto I would like to thank the academy, and ...
Brian & Frankie Yes - that really was tricky. Someone mentioned playing with the dark background - look at the screen from different angles. Now better do some work!!


Rebiccola Finally! Those tetras were a challenge. Thanks!
R MARTELL almost went blind trying, thanks!!
Dave Alexander visit my site
Rob Postma Thanks for a wonderful site!! Fun and informative!
Simon Schmalzried WOW!!
Jareer Happy fish keeping!!
Simon Good news. Them tetras are a bugger to do.
Nuts nice puzzles... :) Keep em coming. :)
Hap I apply myself, just in all the wrong areas.
David J. Wow that last one was a doozy, you really need to have a good monitor to get all the black tiles just right.
Pitr Is wery easy beink zlotnik
Thalassina Yehahh, got it done. nice stress relieve, thanks.
John G.  
Lar (There is only one of me)  
Scott Pretty fun!
CrazyLittle Okay - the black spaces in that last puzzle were annoying =/
Jonathan Salter I think I'm going blind...
_iddy_fish That last puzzle has too many black tiles :( Otherwise - neato!
Robert Stadler  
Klaus The last one was tough!
CrazyLittle Yep - those tetras truly were hard to do.
Calishar Wonderful puzzles, that last one is a real killer though. Thanks
Bryan H.  
will interesting
Jeremie I'm da best! Long Life (for the link to these page and all the cool comics strips)!
Goofy boy nightmare...
Michael P. Excellent!!
EvilGenius It was too easy, I wan't a REAL challenge!
TC Bad photo = tricky puzzle.
Tim T. Challenging (especially that last one!), but fun!
saxguy02 Wow. That last one is near impossible. Turned the contrast up way high on that one. Nice puzzles!
Jeremy Gaudet Wow, nasty puzzle that last one. Had to drop my resolution to 640x480 to figure out the black tiles at the end...
lordvdr The last one was a pain as the blank squares had to be placed correctly. Even though the screen looked okay, some squares weren't in the correct place.
chuckers I admit I had to cheat on the last one. Sorry.
Sean D. Hard...Repetitive pattern makes eyes screwy.
Eric A. - (Kre) I'm seeing little fishes everywhere I look now....
Nate B. My congrats on the difficulty increase, very challenging.
Dwayne B. The Neon one was stuff, but with some patience, it worked out. Well, I suppose I should go back and do my homework and prepare for my signals and systems exam tomorrow. Good luck to everyone!
Mike C. Fantastic puzzles. Wouldn't have gotten that last one with out a hint from Badman.
Kevin I. Wow, that last one was hard. Fun puzzles!
squeegee So do I get a prize now?
matt wood I came, I saw, I conquered
Rene'e G. It was very hard. I like this site. You should improve it. Its great!
Kathy T. Amazing. The last one was hardest with the multiple 'all black' areas as my screen displayed them. Thank heavens for contrast control!
Cillana Damn! That neon tetra one took FOREVER! I've got a crick in my neck now. I wish the puzzle was bigger on my screen.
Teresa V. After two nights of trying this when I should have been sleeping, had to finally open the completed pic in another window, and it was still hard! Is there nothing easy about fish!?!
DMKB Boy that was tough ... I had to increase the brightness of my monitor to correctly the align the all black tiles. Thanks!
Yingying I made it!! The last puzzle was crazy!! My mom was yelling at me cuz she said I was gonna ruin my eyes... But I made it anyways :)
wade-spade I couldn't let a bunch of neons get the better of me!!!
Arild madsen Used a lott of time to solve the last one
Berit Gudmundseth the last one .. grrrr ;p
Karin S. Enjoyed your puzzles very much! My eyes hurt, though...
Larrik Jaerico That last one is quite difficult
Ashish T. Vaswani The last one was a WHOPPER..
Becky Davis  
Neptunite Wow, that last one's a killer!
Melissa Fun, but that last one was tough.
Tony and Hazel That was a bit hard
Paul Thomas The Tetras were easy - I think not ! I lost count of the time trying to do that one... Great stuff.
Corrina Last one was good, came down to the last piece that just confused the heck outta me.
Daniel Ellenwood Please put up MORE.
Michael Porter I can't believe I finally solved it!
0p3r8r yeap
Rachel g the last one was kinda tough
Rusle Time to sleep
Matt Great puzzle! Lots of fun, Go Iowa State Cyclones!
Matt McRoberts my head hurts now.
Ren Brown Ah tetras
Kelly Nelson Wow, I think my brain hurts....
Trojan Knight too many elite people, not very elite
super_vin That last one really scrambled my brain! Crazy!!
Richard Paisey  





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