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Readers tank photos.

In this section I would like to profile YOUR tanks!. Please send me your photos with a brief description of the animals and plants as well as any other information you feel is relevant. Include your web site and Email as I will post them with your photos as a link, if you request it. Freshwater or saltwater tanks will be accepted.

Please send your photos to. Badman. If you have photos but no means of scanning them please contact me for an address to send them and I will scan them for you. Click on any thumbnail for a full size image.

From: Gary

     Hi Badman, have been getting a lot of information from your website. I find it very informative. Regular visits to read your message board have helped me tremendously through my first year of tropical fishkeeping. Here is an early photo of my 3ft tank. After reading about community tanks on your page when researching this hobby before I bought my tank I decided to go for a community of small tetra's (that way I could get more fish) and that is what I have now. As you will see from the photo I did have guppies and mollies but have changed for tetras and Cory catfish with a pair of clown loach to control the snails and two otto catfish to control algae. I put in live plants from the outset the amazon sword has produced another nearly as big as the one in the photo and is now in my 2ft tank. Hope you and your fans like my tank.

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