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Readers tank photos.

In this section I would like to profile YOUR tanks!. Please send me your photos with a brief description of the animals and plants as well as any other information you feel is relevant. Include your web site and Email as I will post them with your photos as a link, if you request it. Freshwater or saltwater tanks will be accepted.

Please send your photos to. Badman. If you have photos but no means of scanning them please contact me for an address to send them and I will scan them for you. Click on any thumbnail for a full size image.


Owner: Gary M.
Specs Of Tank:
These are some pictures of my 20 gal tropical tank. The tank has been set up and running for approx. 3 years. Tank inhabitants include: 2 adult silver dollars, 2 angel fish, 2 high fin black tetras, 2 plecos, 1 cory catfish, 3 serpae tetras, and 2 silver hatchets. Tank operates with a 20/40 whisper filter and a 100 watt heater, PH is at a constant 7.0 and hardness is a 6. I also included a picture of my 3yr old daughters 10 gal goldfish tank. I hope you like my pictures

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