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Readers tank photos.

In this section I would like to profile YOUR tanks!. Please send me your photos with a brief description of the animals and plants as well as any other information you feel is relevant. Include your web site and Email as I will post them with your photos as a link, if you request it. Freshwater or saltwater tanks will be accepted.

Please send your photos to. Badman. If you have photos but no means of scanning them please contact me for an address to send them and I will scan them for you. Click on any thumbnail for a full size image.

Tank size:125 Gallon
Website:Steves tanks
  • Here you will see determination paying off.
  • Substrate base layer is 1-3 mm gravel with laterite, and top layer 1-10 mm gravel. Planted 1/21/02, it has come a long way and still has a way to go.
  • Lighting: 55 watt CF 6300`K, 13 watt CF (soft white), and 15 watt Flourescent Aqua Lux.
  • Temp: 78 degrees
  • PH: 6.8 KH:
  • 5 dKH GH:
  • 3.4 dGH Fertilizer: PMDD, Flourish Tabs, and Flourish Excel.
  • Plants: Crypt Wenditti, Ozelot sword, Ludwigia, green hygro, pennywort,
    moneywort, dwarf lilly, jungle val, corkscrew vall, java moss, anubius congesis, and watersprite.
  • Fish: 1 pair of blue rams, 2 black mollies, 4 SAE, 5 lemon tetras,and
    1 chinese algea eater who will be moving out soon.
  • Jeff has helped me out quite a bit and I am very thankful.

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