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Readers tank photos.

In this section I would like to profile YOUR tanks!. Please send me your photos with a brief description of the animals and plants as well as any other information you feel is relevant. Include your web site and Email as I will post them with your photos as a link, if you request it. Freshwater or saltwater tanks will be accepted.

Please send your photos to. Badman. If you have photos but no means of scanning them please contact me for an address to send them and I will scan them for you.


Mark's tank

The tank in the picture is one of the aquaone series in case you might not have seen them. With inbuilt lights and wet and dry trickle filter, 34L (7.4 Gallons). Is the first tank I have done and has currently been up and running for nearly 2 and a half months with just a water change every couple of weeks. Hopefully the luck continues. The plants grow really fast and have just recently been trimmed back a bit. Tank is occupied by 15 Neon Tetras, 2 zebra danio's, 2 larger rainbow fish (I can't remember what they are), And a male Betta. The Betta loves the big tank and seems to be heaps happier and a lot more active than the ones in the tiny bowls (feel sorry for them) I will send some pictures of my new project when it is complete soon. I have started a 280L (62 gallon) tank with Congo tetras gouramis and a few others.

Mark's tank