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Readers tank photos.

In this section I would like to profile YOUR tanks!. Please send me your photos with a brief description of the animals and plants as well as any other information you feel is relevant. Include your web site and Email as I will post them with your photos as a link, if you request it. Freshwater or saltwater tanks will be accepted.

Please send your photos to. Badman. If you have photos but no means of scanning them please contact me for an address to send them and I will scan them for you.


Papaross' tank


Hey badman!  I am now living in the mid east and I've attached some pics and vids of my aquarium here.  As you may imagine, the selection and stock of fish available for aquarists here is very limited so I had to do with a 30 gal aquarium with an air tube and an external canister filter for filtration.  I stocked it with 4 china hi fins, 4 red and white ryukin goldfish and 4 orandas (2 orange and 2 black).  I also placed some wide leafed plants which I tied to some small pieces of bogwood.  I am now using a tricolor fluorescent lamp (pink, blue and green).  

Previously, when I still lived in the Philippines I also had a goldfish aquarium but it was a 75 gal one.  I used small to medium sized black pebbles and attached a planted scenery poster on the back of the tank.  For filtration I used an undergravel filter which covered the whole floor of my tank and then I attached powerhead filters to each of the uplift tubes of the undergravel filter.  These powerheads then drained the water to two overhead external box filters using cotton and foam as filter media.  These powerhead also provide the much needed aeration for my aquarium.  After an hour of running this filter set up, my water really became crystal clear. With the exception of course from the feces my gluttonous, plump goldfishes produced.  I focussed on orandas in this tank.  I've had a variety of colors form red/orange, white, black, chocolate and blue.   I fed them with Tetra goldfish pellets which I soak in Sera Fishtamin (vitamins) and as a treat, I gave either freeze dried or live tubifex worms.  With this diet they grew up to almost the size of tennis balls.  I did not bother with any intricate decorations since goldfish tend to dig into the sand are careless swimmers who can easily injure themselves but I did put in large smooth boulders on each side of the tank.  Weekly partial water changes was a must with the addition of some water conditioner and salt.  

james's tank

After I got fed up with goldfish I started a soft water aquarium.  Using the same tank, gravel, poster and filtration system I got fascinated with blue rams.  I bought 12 rams and mixed them with more than 50 neon tetras.  I also added some black widow tetras, pristella tetras and some glowlight tetras at times.  I put some orange, silver and black balloon mollies which I replaced with red platies if there were no stocks of them in the store.  Some honey gouramis and those vibrantly colored dwarf gouramis (red and blue) were always a welcome sight to this aquarium.  I also put four of those angels which had ruffled white skin and red eyes.  The store told me that they were a new breed then and they sure didn't look like any angels I've seen before especially noting the skin they had not to mention the price tag on each fish.  For bottom feeders I bought around 8 clown loaches and 8 red tailed botias.  I also put some panda, julii, albino and the more common bronze corydoras.  For algae control I tried 4 of those Chinese suckers which looked like miniature versions of stingrays.  Naturally, I stocked this tank with loads of assorted plants and a huge piece of bogwood.  But eventually I converted to artificial plants which accentuated the color of the aquarium set up.  But still, there's no comparison when you see live plants flourishing and blossoming in your aquarium.  With this kind of set up and assortment of fish I religiously made weekly partial water changes and monitored the pH of my aquarium.  I used Tetra pH test kit and some brand of pH minus formula to maintain my water favorable for the fishes, especially for the rams.  I fed them Sera Vipan, Tetra Bits, Sera food tablets, freeze dried and live tubifex worms, freeze dried daphnia and gave them vitamin tablets every week.  Sometimes I would even add blackwater extract to the tank to further enhance the luminous bluish colors of the fish and also some aquarium plant liquid fertilizer when I still used live plants.  This tank was really overstocked but with the efficiency of my filter set up, water changes and conditioning and quality food I was able to maintain the health and beauty of these fish.  

james's tank

And then I got interested in taking care of cichlids.  I focussed on the severums, specifically the golden ones.  I love their temperament as compared to the other members of the cichlid family and with proper care you could notice the red markings on the face which slightly resembles the markings you see on discus.  I used the same tank, gravel, poster and filtration system minus most of the plants and water chemistry considerations.  I had four golden severums, four choco temporalis, four frontosas, four blue dolphin cichlids, four surinamensis, some red and "topi" (not sure about the spelling) parrots and four peacock cichlids.  I maintained the clown loaches and red tailed botias from my previous tank, added two china hi fins and a butterfly pleco.  The bogwood remained but I bought some of those decorations that are shaped like brownish/reddish colored broken beer barrels with sizes ranging from small, medium and large to accommodate the fishes.  I also placed some small white skulls to provide contrast to the dark colored barrels and bogwood and used those small colorful plastic plants for the front of the tank and some medium sized neon colored plants placed in the rather wide spaces between the barrels.  I fed the fish Tetra Bits, Cichlid sticks, live or freeze dried tubifex worms and shrimps plus a weekly dose of vitamin tablets.  They grew up very fast but the Choco Temporalis became aggressive when they started to pair up.  Weekly partial water changes and are always recommended.  As with cichlid tanks it is imperative to overstock to prevent aggression plus I have this craziness with the balance of numbers like four of this, four of that... you know what I mean right?