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Please note: All the opinions stated in the proceeding pages are not the opinions of Badman's Tropical Fish or the Badman. This is an open form based on the opinions submitted by our visitors during their visits to the stores.
I always will gladly accept any store owner rebuttals and will gladly post them by the comments.


Online Sources

I have purchased over 50 Discus from over the past 5 years. Every fish arrived in great health and was packaged professionally. Even during winter. All my fish are still alive and are beautiful! Great customer service, they have helped me many times with all my questions. has the best prices anywhere. I am a customer for life!
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Nov 2004 - Jan 2009
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The fish are very malnourished. The shipping was very inappropriate. There was 2 1/2 cups of water for a 4" fish! There was about 2 cups for smaller fish! After sending photos of the fish to Keith, he said he could not see the issues I was talking about (malnutrition and broken caudal peduncle). Very disappointing; I should have searched for reviews of the store before buying the fish.
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True Aquarium Plants
I ordered plants for my 20 gallon tank from this site.   The plants were very healthy,  and I received a generous amount of plants.  Customer service was excellent, very quick to answer any questions I had.  They have online ordering or you can call in your order.  Minimum order is $35. Highly recommended!  

Easy Gardener
I ordered Jobe's spikes for Lush Ferns and Palms directly from here because I could not find them in stores anywhere.  I used these in the substrate of my planted tank.  

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
Has just about anything you need for a planted aquarium, everything from aquascaping tools to algae eaters.  I have never ordered from this site,  but it seems to be a nice site.  

Florida Driftwood
They sell plants, lighting, substrate,  CO2 devices, asst. fish including algae eaters and shrimp,  and of course driftwood. I bought the Small African Driftwood Assortment for a very good price.  Was very pleased with what I received,  fast shipment and courteous service as well.  

  • Doctor FosterSmith  (formerly Petwarehouse)
  • Good site for all your basic fish supplies, I have ordered from this site for a long time, and have always been pleased.
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    Excellent website and catalog that devote a lot of space to pet health education in addition to their awesome supply selection. They have everything to care for fish (and every other kind of pet), plus fun extras too! Their site sells (healthy) live tropical fish safely shipped to your door in guaranteed good health. Select the exact fish --or their farm grown coral-- that you want!
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Big Al's Online
This is my favorite site,  whenever I need to order something ,  this is the first place I go to.  This site gets my vote for the best prices and fast shipping.  

Aquarium Hobby Supply
Specialize in high output aquarium lighting  

Vermont Country Store
Definitely not a fish site!  But I did find some huge tweezers for cheap here, a perfect tool for planting an aquarium.