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 Dwarf Anubias

Scientific Name: Anubias barteri var. nana
Common Name: Dwarf Anubias
Substrate: Rich
Lighting: Subdued
pH value: Not critical
Hardness: Not critical
Temperature: 77°F (25°C)
Height: 6 in (15 cm)
Distribution: Tropical West Africa
Characteristics: Dark green elliptical to egg-shaped leaves are borne on short petioles that arise from a creeping stem
Aquarium use: Foreground
From Tropica: Anubias barteri var. nana is a small, attractive plant which thrives in all conditions. It grows slowly, and the leaves survive for several years, giving slow-growing algae the chance to become established. The best result is achieved by planting on a stone or tree root. Fishing line can be used to attach the plant until it gains a hold. If planted on the bottom the rhizome must not be covered because it tends to rot. It flowers frequently under water. It is not eaten by herbivorous fish.






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