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Fish Stories

Vanishing Fish

By Monkey4you

I wake up and check on the fish, the school of Neonís dash past and I follow them thinking, "hmm thatís odd", there are only 5 Neonís now? I search the tank expecting to find it in the Hygro, not there, OK donít panic, they might have gone in the cave, not there. OK, time to check all fish are home. I cover the substrate looking for the clear Japonica Shrimp, all three are there, time to open the cave where I assumed the Kuhlis were hiding in the daytime, only one was there from a group of three, I searched the gravel with my hands for the other two but nothing. The missing fish are as follows:2 Kuhli loaches 1 Neon Tetra I start to worry because I had planned to go to the fish shop the next day to get 2 Angelfish, I would have been fine with it if it were just the Kuhlis because they are known to go missing for weeks at a time, but for a Neon to go as well it made me concerned. As you would I tested the water, all fine, so I start to think and remember when I got my Shrimp, they were eating the slime coat from some Discus they were in the tank with. I knew they were peaceful but couldnít take the risk, so I decided to take the shrimp back to the fish shop, once there I buy 2 Angelfish and 3 Kuhlis to replace my loss and one extra for luck (Not a good idea). I come home and go upstairs, I turn off the lights and start to acclimatize the fish, once done I net them from the bags and leave them, my mum calls from downstairs so I go down to help her set up a 10 gallon she got today, after about an hour of getting the tank ready and filling it I go back upstairs and start aquascaping with my new plants. I reach across for my net but I almost fall over (Iím balancing on my toes knelt down) so I reach out and stop myself from falling by putting my hand on my filter (canister), just then I see a little wiggle, its my Kuhli! I race to the plug and yank it out, and slam the valves shut, run into the bathroom, I put the plug in and open the valves to let the pressure out. After opening the top I take out the filter basket I twist it around and find a crushed Neon on the top of the basket. Then I take my net and empty the water in the filter case through the net and I find my missing Kuhli, I run back to the tank and put him in, he swims off happy. I found in the end that my surface skimmer had eaten my Neon and welcomed my Kuhli, to come inside. As you can tell a Kuhli is more adapted to living inside a filter than I Neon is. I have not found the other Kuhlis but Iím still hoping it will turn up, the surface skimmer has been stuffed with blue filter floss from my brackish tank and is working just like normal.

Thanks for Reading Monkey4you