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Fish Stories

Friends or foes

By Bill

After visiting the aquarium where my grandma at the beginning of the summer I began thinking about starting my very own fresh water tank. After saving up $210 for a 50 gallon tank I started landscaping with lace rock, plants and drift wood (another $100)I purchased seven red wag platys to start the nitrate cycle before adding expensive fish. Now I have ten platys when I woke up one morning. Now the cycle is set and its time to return the platys(which is hard to do now that I am attached to them. So I went fishing with my net but ten platys in a 50 gallon tank can be a tricky game of tag after an hour I retrieved nine of them and left one of the fry in the tank. I returned home from the pet store with five boesmani rainbow fish and a rubber plecostomus. After acclimating the rainbows I sat down to watch the platy react to the new tank mates. The rainbows ignored the platy except for the occasional chase. A week or two later I return home from the pet store with a black ghost knife and a bumble bee Gobi.(There is salt in the tank) and two green spotted leopard puffers(which I have heard are aggressive). All seems fine for another five weeks or so and the platys color is solid and it has grown to about 3/4 of an inch. Next trip to the store I have a knew clown knife which is by far my favorite. I hear they get huge so I will move it into my 200 gallon tank after its juvenile stage. They all live happily now and its been about thirteen weeks the platy is on no ones menu and he plays with the rainbows and the Gobi. So they live happily ever after... for now I did move the clown knife he grew a foot off of the five inches he was when I got him...