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Fish Stories

Thank God For Camo

By krazykoolioyo

I was bored, so I went over to my 20 gal. tank and looked at my fish. The Swordtails were looking normal and my Lemons were fine. My male Purple Dragon Guppy was his usual perky self. Then I started searching for my female. She often got annoyed with the energetic male an try to get into a place where he could not bother her or she would hide from him. It was hard for her to hide because although she is female, she has a bit of iridescent purple, making it hard to hide in the natural colored tank. I didn't expect to find her right away because she likes to hide, but even after quite a bit of searching, she was nowhere to be seen. Dead? No, there wasn't a floating or sinking fish. Trapped in the filter? No, there was no way to get in the filter unless she was an incredibly small and strong fish. I looked in the filter anyway, but she wasn't there. Eaten? No, there would be some remains. I was about to give up when I saw a tail sticking out from behind the rock. It wasn't moving. So she was dead. I was about to move the rock and get her out but then I looked at it from a different angle. I could see fins but no fish. What? I took a second look and found that her pale purple body blended right in with the fake rock! Then I noticed that the male was bored and started to search for her. He would swim past her and as he did the female would freeze. After he went out of sight, she would relax. She had found a place to be able to relax without an "immature" male bothering her. This was hilarious! She knew she could not hide there forever, but it was good while it lasted. The male was so crazy that he would swim right past her without noticing! I grinned and whispered to her "clever fish, don't worry, I won't tell him!"