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Fish Stories

Surprised guests

Ryan selwyn

On Monday 25th September 06, was the day we decided to buy some female guppies. As we looked five females took our eye. One of them stood out, as she was fat. We asked the fish keeper why she was fat, he replied, "SHE WAS PREGNANT" and told us it would be a week until she gives birth. We bought a new tank to separate some of our fishes, and put her in a separate tank. Then when we got home we noticed another female was pregnant too! We put her in with a fish named Pearl, and the new fish we called Goth. And low and behold, they both gave birth an hour later. They had eight fry between them. A few weeks later we went on holiday still shocked with having the babies to find pearl was dead! Goth is still alive and is pregnant again! and the 8 fry are just getting colours and are doing really well. We have noticed one of the females is starting to look like her mum and that can be sad, but all you can say is pearl has left her mark and will never be forgotten.

Ryan and teresa