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Fish Stories

Tricks tricked himself


My beautiful oranda tricks,being the pig he is,spotted a feed of bloodworms I'd put in the tank, that had gone inside a coral ornament which I'd knocked bottom out of & turned on its side for my smaller fish to hide in. So off he went to get his treats only to find on back,g out that he was to big to do it. He then went frontwards I'm assuming but couldn't do anything else but curl as he was still to big to get out frontwards as well. I noticed this black inside the coral & realized it was tricks. Thankfully he has beautiful long tail fins because these are what I had to try & yank out of the coral opening to get him free. After 6 or so tugs I finally got him out & off he went calmly to do more scrounging while poor ol me had the shakes think,g I'd lost one of my babies.


My Prideful Clownknife


I was thrilled when my generous friend gave me a 12-inch Clownknife. It seemed to integrate seamlessly with the community of Black Angel, Gourami, Catfish, Climbing Perch, Cichlid and Comet goldfish in my 360-L tank. The Clown carried an exquisite grace in gliding movement and wore an aura of pride and authority. During daytime It hid in a rock-cage and only came out during feeding frenzy. It seemed to command the respect of all other fish, though all others loathed the presence of the bullhead catfish. When this shortsighted character swam by poking around with its whiskers, all other fish avoided this insane personality like plague with utmost disdain for the bottom feeder. Soon to my rude surprise, my colorful comet goldfish and precious small cichlid were disappearing one-by-one on a regular basis. Determined to discover the Spanish inquisition myth in my tank, I checked my fish tank one midnight with a flash light—Oh my! the eyes of the Clown were like car’s head-beam reflecting my flash lights. Prowling like a jaguar, Clown was sneaking up behind every fish to size them up. When it came to comet goldfish, it opened its mouth: Bam! Wham! Kabum! Kapow! the poor comet was gone in 4 scoops! It sent the rest panic running for cover! This Clown had a deceitfully big-mouth that could match that of a largemouth bass. I left the crime scene with absolute amazement and newfound awe for my Clown. No one mess around with my royal Clown your highness.

When I told my friend, he got that smug look on his face. He gave me a pair of large pink Tilapia. This pink pair seemed to settle in well in a short while, but I didn't realize that a war was looming on the horizon until it was too late. The Tilapia were about to breed and they were fiercely contesting the Clown's rock-cage territory for breeding ground. The fierce battle ensued-- Although far-surpassed in aggressiveness defending its territory fighting 1-against-2; the Clown's Monroe smooth skin were no match against the Tilapia's armored-vehicle thick scale. The Clown successfully defended its turf and repelled the Tilapia. The pair had to settle for the corner lot. But the Clown was severely bruised and it died 2 days latter. Dishearten, I donated my large tank and all my fish to my generous friend.


Feeding ruckus


I feed my fish at the same time daily. If I am late they really splash and make a ruckus. Amazingly they sure know how to get my attention....and I always respond. They are goldfish that I have kept for 6 years. I wonder how long they will live. They are really large in my 180 gal tank. I provide plenty of water plants and change the water partially once a month. They are very energetic and I never knew that I would get so very attached to them. I do not know how long they will live.


Fish Wake Up Call


I bought 5 gouramis about 5 months ago and put them in a 40 gallon tank in my room my bed is connected to my bed by the stand and every night I get a glass of water and only drink about half of it. One night I didn't drink any of the water and forgot to set my alarm clock for school and the only male gourami always waited at the top of the water for me to feed him before I take off to school well I guess when I didn't wake up he got mad and I left the lid open the night before so I wake up with a tail smack to the head 20 mins before school since I feed him about an hour before I leave so I get to school on time and I don't know if it was him trying to say your going to be late for school or lazy human you better feed me!


Tropical pond


I have always wanted a pond and have always wanted a fish tank. So one day I got a pond and plants. I thought I would get some koi or goldfish for it but when I got to the store they were all out of them. I happened to notice a hundred gallon fish tank heater and I decided to get it and get some tropical fish for the pond instead I got five angel fish too many neon tetras to count and ten different kinds of platies. When I got home I put the heater in the pond and let the fish go. The next day I came out to feed them and found that one of my angelfish was out on the side of the pond I wondered how he got out I thought he might have jumped out but the pond hasn't been filled up all the way I came out the next day to see the neighbors cat chewing on another one of my angelfish.