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Fish Stories

The invinceble betta

By: Parker

I have a small 10 gallon fish tank in my bedroom. Inside it has a Betta I have had for a long time.(I will tell you how long later in the story)I received the betta after I noticed it at a wedding. My little Brother happened to see them too. The poor betta was in a small bowl with plants in it. The bowl was probably less than half a gallon. Me and my little brother asked about it and the bride and groom told us to take two one for me, and one for my little brother. I kept the betta in a ten gallon tank in my room. My little brothers betta got a smaller 7 gallon tank for his room. My little brothers fish died within 6 months. My fish stayed alive a lot longer I keep cichlids in a 200 gallon tank in our large sunroom and so far I haven't had one live as long as this betta and my cichlids get old. Okay the fish is 6 years old. Double the normal lifespan of one. Notice I use present tense because it is still alive in my room. I have no Idea how it has lived this long but it has. It has to be the most amazing fish I have had because never in my 14 years of living have I seen a betta live this long. The bettas name is chester and stays alive but does not apear as healthy as he used to be. But the only problem I have seen so far is that he swims very stiffly.