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Fish Stories

Saving my Minnows

By: Jean

My husband and I have a small fishpond in our back yard with 7 gold fish, about 50 minnows and 1 catfish. We recently had to clean out the pond and the fish were put in a container with a filter pump until the pond was clean. However, we failed to notice the filter fell out. When we went to put them back in the pond we noticed about 6-7 were floating on top. So we hurredly put them back in the pond. However, I had had a larger 6-7 inch minnow that i really hated to lose so I kept scooting him back upright as he laid over sideways. I could see his gils moving so I kept working with him . I also began working with about 5 other small minnows (1-2inch long) that were all laying sideways. Each one I took and turn them up righ until they tried to swim away, I did this over and over again until they began to regain their strength. I worked with those minnows for 45 minnows and eventually got every one of those minnows swimming on their own and they are very healthy now. (Not that they would float back in my hand now.) But is was so heartwarming to know that I was able to help save these little minnows. I have no doubt that God answered my little prayer and helped me right along. But they are doing great. I had this same sort of thing with a sick catfish and kept him moving until he swam on his own. So I'v learned don't give up on your fish Of course these were pets and not for bait. This meant a lot to me to know they are still going strong.