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Fish Stories


By Seven

I have different tanks at home (main floor and basement). Most of them(basement) are built on the wall except for one 50g tank. It's located on the floor with only Styrofoam at its base. Still working on one side of the wall for this tank. Unfortunate timing, my Green terror had some fry and have to move him(I think he was around 10" at that time). No other place but this. At least for now. Usually, while relocating some fish to other tanks, I catch them using fish nets(depends on their size) and then release them to their new home using my hands. My left hand got caught on his fin while releasing to his new home. It hurts! And some of my blood even dripped on this tank. After checking if he is OK, I went upstairs to get band-aids. My wife asked me what happened and told the story. Nevertheless, she asked me to buy some groceries and snacks for our son(he was 3 yrs old at that time and his name is Seven). After an hour I got back and I can still feel pain on my hand. This made me realize that I should check on my fish(green terror). To my surprise the whole tank is redish in color! I could hardly see him at this time. Questions came to me in a split of a second. Did I actually loose this much blood? Didn't I checked everything before I left? Is my fish OK? What a mess! So I had to move him back together with her and fry Transferred some water to a 5g pail and tried to catch all fry as possible. My terrors were all tired at this point. So am I, but I have to. Sigh! Upon emptying the 50g tank, I noticed this strange smell coming from this tank. I know I smelled it before but I can't tell at this point. After filling up the second batch of water to dispatch I came across my wife and son who were doing the laundry. Wife said,"what's with that red stuff? Son said,"Daddy, did you see your fish home? It's red now! It's better! I put kool aid so the fish can drink some juice too"! So that is why the smell is so familiar! Moral I got from this: Never leave your kid unattended, Make sure cover your tank securely, And explain Television commercials as well(He got it from the commercial Kraft diner when baby goldfish released accidentally the cheese powder on the bowl and made the whole bowl turned into yellow.