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Fish Stories

Shrimps and Crabs

By Dave

I bought two ghost shrimps about 2 months ago and put them into my fish tank. They were great for a couple of weeks; I called them foggy and misty sunset because one was greyish and one was slightly more translucent but slightly reddy-orange. All was well until one day I found foggy in the next room, about 7 meters away, curled up in front of the TV looking like a prawn that you might buy at the supermarket - curled up and pink (I promise you I hadn't cooked him). I am amazed at how a shrimp can have escaped my tank and hopped/bounced/swam (?!) all the way to my TV. Now, the plot thickens... I then found the tail of misty sunset at the bottom of my tank. I don't know what happened to him - but someone enjoyed the meal. I have since bought some red-clawed crabs to replace the shrimp. The crabs seem happy, though they spend extended vacations in the pump housing and need to be rescued occasionally.