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Fish Stories

Fish Story

By Tom

I have many hobbies, RC CARS, BICYCLES, TARGET SHOOTING and more. For about two years I have been putting thoughts into an aquarium. I work a very high stress job, it is rewarding but I needed some relief. The possible solution could be an aquarium. This should be affordable - $200 to $500 should do it. Research, research and more research. I think veteran fish keepers would keep people like me away from this hobby/pet world. I must call these fish pets, they are way more than a hobby. I started out with a 55 gallon kit. This was OK and I introduced 5 young beautiful Ruby Swordtails. These fish appeared to be very happy to now be in a larger environment. From the second day these beautiful fish would present themselves to me in a curious display. I guess I was there new fish god who was to feed them. After another week I added 5 Opaline Gouramis and they rapidly became my favorite. As many rookies I fed these fish way too much. My two to five hundred dollar project was about to become like all of my other hobbies, EXPENSIVE!!! This was still OK because you needed to have gravel, rocks, plants, air pumps, nets, housing and all the aquarium kit items like the thermometer, heater and filter now needed to replaced with quality items to maximize the efficiency and reliability and I am really loving these fish so no grief about the money. Well as I mentioned, I work a high stress job, so I feel qualified to recognize stress when I see it. Due to over feeding I was not only fighting the related problems with that but the Gouramis were growing so fast. I noticed the Swordtails just were not as much fun as I remembered when I first entered them. There was the chance that maybe I was going to have babies or maybe the now overgrown Gouramis were not good neighbors for the much smaller Swordtails. Who knows, not me because I'M still very much a novice with lots and lots to learn. To be sure I ran right out and purchased another aquarium kit, 30 gallon this time. After setup I placed the Gouramis in the new tank, they did not seem to mind, just feed me. I did the hokey pokey and turned myself around to see the Swordtails back to normal, front and center looking beautiful and stress free. Now I get it. As time went on I added 5 Panda Cory Cats to the 55 gallon tank, these are really cool fish, these guys have five different personalities, some are shy and some could not care who is looking. I enjoyed these cats so much I added 5 Spotted Cory Cats to the 30 gallon tank, another filter, thermometer, heater, more live plants, gravel and some sand plus a bubble wand and more stuff $$. I can not help myself, this fish thing moved me to the next level humanity. I think I like people again. About a week later I added 5 Long Finned Zebras to the 55 gallon tank and it all came alive with exuberance. This is good stuff, I shared this new found knowledge with many of my coworkers. Now other people as myself are endangering these lovely tropical fish, I should be jailed. About two weeks after the Zebras were entered I had two really fat fish, unlike the others these gals looked like they could explode, kind of like my girlfriends. I ran right out to purchase a tank to follow the advice on the Badmans site for these Zebras to lay eggs. A 10 gallon kit later with marbles, plants, gravel, air pump and all the other stuff I set it up with water from the 55 gallon tank to help reduce the shock factor from moving my Zebras over. Just try to catch these fish, that was an experience to share with the world. Probably the only thing I did right was to add this 10 gallon tank for the Zebra fry. Both gals dropped their eggs and lost a lot of weight within hours of the transfer to the 10 gallon tank. I do not know if any survived from being eaten by the lightning fast Zebras. You can not believe how badly I want this to be succeed. I failed to mention how I added feeder Guppies in thinking my pals would enjoy eating them but instead wholeheartedly accepted these fish right into their community. I am so glad they did, the Guppies are surely worth their space. So after 3 aquarium kits, upgrading everything at least once, the chemicals, tank stuff and fish my $200 hobby turned into $1500 and no slowdown in sight. I can hardly wait until I feel confident enough to put in the 'BIG TANK' a 150 to 200 gallon at least, maybe a glass swimming pool will be appropriate, who knows.. THIS IS NO FISH STORY.. I promise to keep learning and improving..
Tom from York, PA.