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Fish Stories


By Tom Blanchard

I am having the most wonderful experiences with success of many species in my tanks reproducing. I have many baby Swords and Guppies of various size and age. The reward of the baby Swords highlighting the tank is pretty special, their high visibility with lots of activity and up front sociableness makes this novice fish keeper pretty proud. I originally added some baby feeder guppies to my 55 gallon tank for the eating pleasure of some Gouramis, Swords and Long Finned Zebras. The guppies were instantly welcomed into the tank and I do not believe I lost a single guppy as food to other fish. Now I believe most baby guppies are eaten, that's just fine with me but still some make it into my aquatic blend and I believe they are the smart and strong ones good for future breeding. I have not witnessed the birth of Swordtails but I have observed the birth of Guppies. I was mostly unsure what was happening until the nearly invisible tails with eyes appeared. This was OK but not as good as Swords by the dozen. Today was a major healing point when I witnessed my Opaline Gouramis fooling around and while I was watching, all of a sudden hundreds of eggs were floating everywhere. The male was frantically swimming around gathering eggs to place them in his nest. Just as quick as a sneaky rabbit the female slid next door to another male and was being courted under his nest. About the time I started calling her names for her prolific behavior the most spectacular thing happened. This little girl was once again releasing a cloud of eggs. These eggs as the others floated throughout the aquarium. Both male Gouramis are now racing throughout the tank to be the first to save whatever eggs they could. It did not matter whose eggs where fertilized by who but they must save the eggs. There is still plenty pushing and shoving in the tank while the nesting is active but I am so much looking forward to these baby Opaline Gouramis. This thing of witnessing the Gourami activity was surly profound to me but I believe I will be a good keeper and with more time and more experience I hope to have more babies from all my speices to hopefully care for many generations of godly perfect creatures.
Tom @ York, PA.