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Fish Stories

When Little Fish Meet Filter

By Derek

A few years ago I had a few trios of mollys in a 20 gallon high. The females were pregnant, and were due anytime now. At the time I had a Whisper filter. As it turns out, the female gave birth earlier than I expected, (so she wasn't in the trap) and some of the babies had been sucked into the filter. I had noticed this when I attempted to clean the filter out. But to my surprise, the fry were swimming happily around in the filter, eating food that had bee freshly sucked in. At this I was amazed that they had survived. But I came to realize, that it made sense. Because whisper filters don't have block media, there was plenty of room for the fry to swim around, and always fresh water circulating. They had been doing fine, so I decided to leave them in. About two weeks later, little mollys started to plop right out of the filter and into the tank. It was a success. I don't recommend that anyone purposely put fry in a filter, because it may have just been a fluke. But if your fish are ever sucked up look out for this.