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Fish Stories

Miracle molly?

By Russell

I bought a marble molly a few years ago, and of course she was pregnant, as all mollies seem to be, she just happened have the babies on the way home. Once I got home I put the babies in a small tank, and put the mother in a bowl, as I had no other place to put her at the time. I left for a little while and came back to find that the molly had jumped out of the bowl. I searched everywhere for at least 30 minutes to try and find her, after a while I gave up hope. About 15 minutes later I dropped some change on the floor and it rolled under the dresser, so I got down and looked to find my change, to my surprise I saw the molly. She was covered with dust and almost completely dry, I immediately put her back in the water, I was sure that she was a goner, but a few minutes later she was swimming happily. I've now learned to have extra tanks on hand. This may not be a miracle or anything, but I was pretty amazed.