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Fish Stories

The Fish Whisperer

By Barbara Germano

I have a 75 gallon freshwater aquarium with 1 pleco, 3 giant danios, 1 red tail shark, 2 yo-yo loaches and 2 German blue rams. Lately my pleco has been acting more like a dog than a fish. When it's feeding time he comes over to me, goes up the side of the tank and starts sucking the flake and freezed dried shrimp off the top surface of the water. He moves away from the side and sticks his mouth out of the water and waits for me to drop food into his mouth. It's a scream!!!! I first touched his mouth and when he wasn't bothered by that I slid my finger down and touched his belly. It was awesome to say the least. He now lets me stroke his belly at every feeding. I have had him only 8 or 9 months and he's approx. 7 inches long. I'm a novice only having this tank for less than a year but thanks to "Bubba" I'm hooked. PS He eats his algae wafer for dessert!