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Readers Fish photos.

In this section I would like to show off YOUR Fish!. Please send me your photos with a brief description of the fish as well as any other information you feel is relevant. Include your web site and Email as I will post them with your photos as a link, if you request it. Freshwater or saltwater fish will be accepted.

Please send your photos to. Badman. If you have photos but no means of scanning them please contact me for an address to send them and I will scan them for you.


This site is the place to find find all your aquatic image files. It contains a large species gallery divided into the various families with the scientific and common names. The photo gallery area lets you upload your aquarium tropical fish photos for all to enjoy. There are also sections on photographing your set ups, camera reviews, and areas with helpful hints to help you take better pictures.
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Turquoise severum from Walt



Breeding bettas from Gina



iridescent shark (by D'angelo)


iridescent shark (also called mystic shark) by D'angelo


Lionfish from Sammi, click for more from these great tanks!


Kens beautiful angels!



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